Monday, May 31, 2010

YSL 4 Colour Harmony for Eyes: A Pastel Dream?

Lately I feel like I've been such a brand whore. I've slowly been trying to get rid of my drugstore items that were laying around, and replacing them with more MAC and such =(. I decided to give the Yves Saint Laurent Ombres Quadrilumieres Eyeshadow Quartet in #6 Pastel ($54) a try. The YSL beauty site constantly has free shipping. The colors were cute, and seemed very spring-like (even though we're fast approaching summer, that's not what it's like where I live).

It's a bit too expensive for my taste, and I don't know if I'll be keeping it. Why? Read on...

While the sturdy golden packaging is lush, and the colors look pretty enough in pan....

It has some of the WORST pigmentation I've ever seen! YSL, I'm so very disappointed in you. This is not quality you would expect from a high-end brand. My drugstore shadows beat this quad by a land slide. These YSL shades are way too sheer. The shadows are also too hard. I had to swipe numerous times to get above swatch. The only real decent color was the brown, which is the smallest portion of the quad. Next time, maybe I'll try the Ombres 5 Lumieres.

A big thumbs down.


  1. OMG, that pigmentation is terrible! I mean, I know they are pastels but still! You should try Dior palettes... I just reviewed one on my blog and I was very impressed with the quality/texture/pigmentation.

  2. @Alison: That palette is so cute! I HAVE been eyeing the Dior palettes (I really like the pattern), not a fan of the packaging though. I need to go check it out at Sephora =)Thanks!



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