Tuesday, May 4, 2010

NOTD: Minty On a Budget

I'm really lazy when it comes to nails. I love nail polish and all, but honestly, I probably paint my nails two times a month. I don't do base coats or top coats either. I just slap on the color and call it good. Well, on my lunch break at work today I went to the Forever21 at the mall nearby. Whilst standing in line to buy some rings, I noticed their Love & Beauty line had a seafoam green nail polish in Mint ($3). Hey, at three dollars, it's a steal.

So I brought it back to work, where I painted my nails.

The quality is a LOT better than I expected. The color is not only pastel but it's ultra pigmented! No sheer streaky color for me. The color itself reminds me a lot of the color that Essie came out with during the holiday. Mint could be it's cousin from the wrong side of the tracks, you know. The cousin that takes way too many napkins from McDonalds.

Have you guys tried Forever21's nailpolishes? Which cheap brands do you like?


  1. That's so pretty, i've been tryng to find the minted revlon nail polish, but i cant find it anywhere in canada :( i went to f21 today, but i didnt check out their nail polishes.. i wish i had!! thanks for sharing!

  2. ohh!! pretty color!!! i never tried the f21 nail polishes because i can get china glaze for the same price. haha but it looks nice!!

  3. Okay, so I have this nail polish too along with other colors of that brand and I was wondering if yours has the same scent as mine... I can't really put my finger on what the scent is but it smells so nasty I can't even put it on that often...

  4. I didn't even know Forever21 had nail polish...I really like that color!

  5. @Edwina: OOO I might want to check out the Revlon one

    @lisasuar: I love china glaze! Where do you get it for so cheap?

    @jenniferleeyt: The one I have smells like regular nail polish. nothing out of the ordinary... do all your bottles smell like that?

    @Juici: yeah it came out with their cheepo Love & Beauty brand =)

  6. Did it last a week before chipping?

  7. I actually like this over the mint one they well at american apparel. I love their polishes actually..they make this and also a great grey one that I swear by, and both of these dry faster and apply smoother than the AA polishes and some other drug store brands..and the price!

  8. @Daphne: I just bought it yesterday so ill keep you updated =) keep in mind, i dont do top coats lol

    @Oskar: A grey one you say? I didn't see one there! But ill be on the lookout b/c grey looks freakin fantastic on nails!



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