Thursday, May 20, 2010

ELF Gives A Lesson On All Things Sparkly

Awhile ago, ELF released their Beauty Encylopedia Everyday Eye Collection ($5), which I also own and really like. More recently, they added a new one, named the ELF Beauty Encyclopedia Sparkle Eye Edition ($5). The "book" comes with 12 eyeshadows, two cream shadows you can use as a base, an eyeliner, and a brush/sponge tip applicator. Sounds good for 5 dollars right?

 When opened, the left flap shows a chart on where to place colors, very helpful for those starting out.

 As you can see, the brown at the very top right hand corner came completely shattered and I had to dump it out! It was such a nice color too. This means that my entire palette is a HUGE mess. That's my first complaint, with these sparkly glitter shadows, you get it everywhere if you happen to get a damaged shadow. Curse you ELF for not being careful with my packaging! Anywho, the color selection looks pretty nice, and you get a large white and pink cream shadow to boot.

The brush it comes with is really small, probably only good for small defining and outer "v". I didn't bother photographing the other side, we all know what a sponge tip applicator looks like =).

First row of shadows 

The first row of shadows was a major pain in the arse to deal with. There was SO MUCH FREAKIN' glitter fall out. I HATE the first two colors. They were basically just chunky bits of disco glitter, and rough to the touch. The second two colors were a bit better though, since they had less glitter.

Second row of shadows

Third row of shadows

I LOVE all of the other shadows in the other rows. They were more shimmery than glittery, and provided excellent pigmentation! The teal is amazing, and the black is so intense, I could swear I was rubbing a piece of charcoal on my arm. All swatches were done without a base (as always) and the colors were great. I was surprised at the quality after having swatched the first few shadows. LOVE.

Cream shadows and eyeliner

The cream shadows were very creamy, but would probably not be suitable alone as a base. I'd have to wear a primer underneath for fear of creasing. The eyeliner is pure crap, as ELF liners usually are. I had to rub it many times to get the above swatch, and the texture isn't soft enough for me to feel safe putting on my eyes.

Overall, this palette is a great purchase. It's cheap and you get so many colors! I probably won't reach for it much because it's become a mess due to the broken shadow, but this is perfect for those who love shimmery/sparkly shadows and don't mind the fall out. If you don't like Urban Decay's (awesome) eyeshadows, you'll want to pass on this.

Thumbs up!

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