Friday, June 17, 2011

My Makeup Collection & Storage

I admit that I have a problem. Or should I say had. I am (was) way too obsessed with makeup. I felt the need to try every promising product I could get my grubby little hands on, and I admit, it became somewhat of a hoarding-esque problem. Granted, I don't have NEARLY as much makeup as a lot of other beauty bloggers and makeup enthusiasts, but I probably have far more than the average girl has (or should have). I figured I should show my organization, set up, and a general overview of my collection before I sell most of it. That's right. Look out for a blog sale. Most of my products barely see any usage and I'm starting to feel sorry for the poor things!

The messy area where I do my makeup/hair just about every morning. I cleaned it up for you guys, but usually there are products on every inch of that desk.

I'm not going into detail, because this is already a picture spam as is, so If you have any questions about any products you happen to catch a glimpse of, feel free to ask!

My hair products and combs/brushes, as well as additional storage for makeup products that I don't like and will never use (again).

On the left side of my desk/vanity is where I store my makeup and brushes. The storage unit is from Office Depot I believe.

The top of my storage:
I have all of my NYX shadows (doubled up) on an acrylic nail polish stand I bought from eBay. 
My clean brushes are stored in 3 clear containers from Michaels with clear beads. The pink box holds my dirty brushes. 
I also store my face moisturizers,primers, bb creams and makeup setting sprays on top. 

There's actually several layers of product here...

Nars/MAC blushes, and MAC MSFS
I collected most of these over a two month period. I was on a MAC MSF/Blush frenzy. Truth be told, I only use about 2-3 of the MAC products.

Non-MAC blushes (aside from my MAC Blush palette), and a few highlighters.

Eyeshadow primers and cream shadows/bases

Single (Smaller) NARS, MAC, Victorias Secret, Rock and Republic, and Kat Von D Eyeshadows

All of my other single eyeshadows and mini quads
Most of the things in this drawer are drugstore products. This drawer is heavily neglected, and is evidence of my excessive hoarding =(.

Eyeliners, mascara, and brow tools

Lipsticks and random lip balms

Large random palettes

This is my random "crap" drawer, including my contacts and false lashes.

I ran out of storage space so I keep my Rock & Republic blushes in a box underneath.
Sad story, I used to be the proud owner of all 12 blushes, until I lost my favorite, All Nighter, during a drunken night at the local campus bar. This is why I no longer carry a makeup bag. BOO.

On to the right side of the drawers, which are deep. Here are all of my foundation, tinted moisturizers, concealers, and powders.YIKES.

Random drawer with cotton balls, eye makeup remover, and cosmetics bags.

Larger palettes and new items that I have yet to organize.

More palettes

Smaller palettes and quads and mineral eyeshadow and pigments

On top of my desk I have these two pencil organizers that I got from Target that I decided to store on their sides for my lipglosses. And, you always have to have lysol wipes on hand for spills and to keep clean surfaces!

And that's all folks. I really hope you ladies are interested in a blog sale because I need to really clear up some room! Hopefully I can get it up soon, even though summer term starts next week. Luckily I'm only taking 6 credits so it should be a breeze!

WHEW. This post has been a work in progress for awhile, because I was very tentative about posting this up. It's a bit embarrassing, and these posts are always so heavily scrutinized. Hopefully I'll be downsizing to the minimal amount of makeup, and I'll tell you guys why VERY soon. I've also seem to have lost my motivation to blog, as well as my interest in makeup. So, if this blog takes on a slightly different direction, please bear with me!

I'd love to see links to any posts you guys have about your makeup storage and collection! :3


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