Friday, May 21, 2010

25% Off All NYX!

 I love NYX stuff. Seriously, I've already hit the 50 single eyeshadow mark. Cherry Culture is now holding 25% off all NYX now through the 25th. Makes me feel stupid for ordering a few weeks ago to get 20% off eyeshadows. Oh well, guess I'll take advantage of this sale too =). Shipping is always free over $40.

Check out NYX at Cherry Culture.

Thinking of snagging anything?


  1. I ordered nearly every round lipgloss, a couple of cream blushes since i loved the ones i already have, and the concealer in a jar since it always has pretty good reviews.

  2. @Jel: Awesome =)! I love their cream blushes too! I'm also ordering some more. I've tried their concealer in a jar and it's pretty decent, though not as soft and creamy as a concealer should be

  3. ohh thanks for sharing!! i am definitely buying something! haha

  4. Haha I just hauled a lot of stuff from CC today, but shipping to Australia is killer - hate it!



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