Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sigma Fun Colors, For Yo Eyes Son!

I'm already a big fan of Sigma's brush set (ya know, the MAC knock offs). Not long after they were selling brushes, they decided to make a makeup line as well. I'm a curious one, so I definitely wanted to try them out. Sigma makes various colored "kits", one for smokey eyes, etc. I got the Sigma Beauty on the Go Kit in Fun Colors ($27). Best part is, I got it for a cheaper price tag than Sigma's website has because I bought it off of a sweet girl on Soompi. I wish they sold the kits and shadows cheaper though, I don't like the idea of paying $27 for a makeup product that's not high-end.

Inside the kit is a cute little booklet, where you can flip and find instructional guides on different looks you can do with the shadows, as well as color placement.

Empty quad included in the kit

All the individual shadows

I Got the Blues, Lady Jane, Sweet Virginia, Play With Fire

Here are the shadows all popped into the empty quad. It's a really cute idea, you can choose whether to carry the quad or leave the shadows seperate. I prefer to leave them in a quad (more space-friendly). All of the individual shadows can be pushed from their smaller compacts via the bottom. The thing I don't like about these shadows, the big factor as to why I did not purchase this product for the longest time, is the texture. I don't mean of the formula itself, but of the raised-bumpy design on the shadows. I hate raised designs. They're just not cute! Why won't people learn?

Play With Fire, Sweet Virginia, I Got the Blues, Lady Jane

Sorry for the super dark photo of swatches. My camera has its good days and its bad day. It obviously was not feelin' me this day. 

The shadows are well pigmented, I really didn't have to swatch heavily at all. They do seem a little powdery and soft, meaning you might experience minor fall out. I'm willing to oversee that as the colors are really pretty. In the image, every color but Play With Fire seem similar, but they really aren't in real life. They really are "fun colors". Ugh, gag. Cheesy much?

Have you guys tried any Sigma makeup products?

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