Sunday, May 16, 2010

Super Cheap Nars Albatross Dupe

Nars Blush in Albatross ($26) is my HG highlighter. It makes me happy and I can't help but coo and sigh when I tickle it with my brush. God, I'm psycho. E.L.F. recently came out with three new blushes, with one that looks strangely similar to Albatross. I spotted it on the website under the pseudonym "Gotta Glow". Now, I'm already aware that E.L.F. totally ripped off Nars (think black flat packaging and products such as their Blush/Bronzer duo- Orgasm/Laguna anyone?). E.L.F.'s Blush in Gotta Glow ($3) is basically Albatross' sister in cheap clothing.

First similarity: Packaging. Nars has an icky rubber plastic that attracts fingerprints that I can't stand, but looks a lot sleeker. ELF has a clear window on the outside to see the color, and a mirror on the inside.

Albatross on the right, Gotta glow on the left

Albatross (top) and Gotta Glow (bottom)

NARS has better pigmentation, and the gold is more prominent in the ELF blush. However, when I actually applied them to my face, I seriously could not tell the difference. Plus, you save $23 dollars by buying Gotta Glow. For those of you who are lemming after Albatross: Here's your solution! If you already have Albatross, pass, because that thing will last you ages. I knew I had to have Gotta Glow just because I love anything that closely resembles my beloved. Plus, I wasn't losing much with spending three bucks. 

Do you guys have either? What do you think?


  1. Thanks so much for finding a dupe. I've wanted to buy albatross for so long but I couldn't get myself to spend the money... I'm going to try ELF's.

  2. Thanks so much for the dupe!!!I'm going to elf then!!!Cheers!

  3. That is so exciting! I never knew there was a dupe.

  4. I just have to get that now.



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