Sunday, May 2, 2010

Wet n Wild's Sumptuous Quad Makes Me Feel Pretty


Wet n Wild has really been revamping their lines. All the new items look a lot classier than their predecessors. Wet n Wild's Color Icon Quad in Sumptuous ($5) is no different. Baby's got it goin' on. What really caught my attention was the thicker packaging, and the sparkly gold. By sparkly, I mean, it's pure glitter. 

Is it just me or do the colors remind me a lot of my MAC Hello Kitty Lucky Tom palette? (Besides the glittery-gold of course). 

The pigmentation is really nice. I'm not sure what to make of that glittery gold though. Seriously, how the hell did they make this color? The texture is a little harsh because of the glitter, but maybe it'll be good as liner. I'll take a chance at making a look out of this quad for you guys some other time.

Me likey.


  1. when i first saw the wet and wild quad, i thought it looked sooo similar to the Jane quad! but its cute nontheless! cute packaging! haha i would use the brown and blue, not sure about the orange haha ive never tried.

  2. @lisaauar: I know! the packaging reminds me alot of Jane also =). Much like my Mac quad, i'm not sure about the orange also. buttt it might be good for a summer look

  3. HA before you ahd even mentioned the MAC HK collection pallette, that was what I firt like damn they totally swagga jacked MAC lol...awesome post!



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