Thursday, July 29, 2010

NOTD: Blue Me Away

Sally Hansen's Blue Me Away was a shade I had been considering alllll summer long. I finally decided to get it because it's so unique. I didn't buy it at first because my sister said it was weird. WHATEVER. This is actually my first Sally Hansen nail polish, and I must say, I sure am impressed. It paints on so smoothly, and the formula was easy to work with (a plus for me because I like to speed through my nail painting, hence the messy job). This color looks fantastic this summer, it's bold and vibrant. I'm definitely buying more of Sally Hansen's babies....

Do you ladies have any shades from Sally Hansen you'd recommend me?

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Rock and Republic Cosmetics Haul & Swatches [PIC Heavy]

A few weeks ago I mentioned that there was a Rock and Republic Beauty sale on Hautelook. My order finally came! Ordering from sample sale sites always take a little longer to receive your items, but they're always worth it! I ordered nine contrived blushes and two lipglosses. Sadly, I didn't realize that I accidentally ordered two of the same blushes and didn't order the one I really wanted =(. 

The outer cardboard packaging is really nice. You can tell this stuff is high quality just by it's shell! A lot of people complain that the packaging is excessive, but since I'm a sucka for packaging, I think it's gorgeousssss. The blushes come in their own individual "hat boxes". The blushes were all 20 dollars each (50% off from the original $40), and the lipglosses were $13, also 50% off from $26. It was a great deal, and I couldn't pass it up!

Look how nice the package is! It's made out of a heavy, sturdy metal, and the desgin is so elegant and screams "high-end". There's .32 oz of product, which is a HUGE blush size.

Top row: All Nighter, Call Me, Foreplay, Kinky
Bottom row: Lust, Spank, Tease, X-Rated

I know, I know. The names are so provocative. I think the names are cute ;). It makes them extra special. I'm really sad I missed out on the shade Bedroom. The one I ordered two of is Lust.

All Nighter

Call Me







 All Nighter, Call Me, Foreplay, Kinky

I really hoped that my camera would pick up the colors better, but please take my word for it, these blushes are SO pigmented.
All Nighter is a shimmery reddish coral (think Nar's Taos). Call Me, probably the most famous blush from R&R is a pinky-peach with gold shimmer, and is often compared to NAR's Orgasm. Foreplay is a peach, and it's matte. Kinky is a super bright, angel, cool pink, much like Desire from Nars. It's also a matte color and looks hot pink in the pan.

Lust, Spank, Tease, X-rated

Lust is a coppery peach with gold sparkles. Spank is a matte cool pink. Tease is a matte mauve-pink and looks slightly like a dusty plum/pink. It's comparable to NAR's Mata Hari. X-rated is a bright matte fuschia.

A lot of these colors may look super scary on the pan, but as you can see, they swatch quite nicely. You have to remember to use a light hand with these to get a nice light flush, and not heavy crayon marks. I use a highlighting duo-fibre brush. The first time I tried out Lust, I used a normal blush brush and dipped it in the pan like I would with any other blush. BIG mistake. I slapped it on my cheeks and I looked pure CRAZY. So PLEASE, go easy and light-handed with these. I'm very impressed with the quality of these blushes, and need I mention again how beautiful the packaging is? Definitely a blush I want to be seen with =),

On to the lipglosses...

Muse and Preppy Punk

Preppy Punk is a clear pink with iridescent sparkles. Muse is a peachy color. Sadly, both colors appear as a clear gloss on my lips. These aren't pigmented and only give my lips shine. I was really disappointed, because I was hoping that Muse would give my lips a peachy shade. After trying out both colors, I can safely say that you're better buying a regular, clear lipgloss. The formula is just ok, a bit sticky and normal wear time. I'm only continuing to use these because the packaging is kind of interested. I've heard them described as "test tubes", but honestly, the first thing I thought of were tampons.... But I can totally see the pure test tube resemblance.

Even though the sale is over on Hautelook, you can still get all of Rock and Republic's makeup for 50% off on their site HERE. All you have to do is enter the code ROCKCOSMETICS at checkout. They only have one blush shade left, but they have all shades of lipglosses, as well as a good variety of other products. I'm going to buy their pressed powder. ALSO, shipping is only 99 cents! Talk about a great deal.

EDIT: They just restocked on blushes!

Did you guys haul any R&R? Are you planning on it? 

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Dior Lip Haul & Swatches [Pic Heavy]

I couldn't help myself. Dior lip products are like crack. Ok, more like potato chips. You can't just grab one! This is my first time buying Dior products, and nooo I couldn't just leave with one. I picked up three High Shine Lipsticks ($26), a regular Lipcolor ($26), an Ultra Gloss ($26.50), and a Lip Polish ($29.50). Yes, they're a but pricey, but I love the quality, the packaging, the colors so much that for me, it's worth it.

The outer packaging is really cute. It's basically holographic, which gives the product a little something extra. You really can't miss it.

Dior Addict High Shine Lipsticks

I really like the tubes on these. Like the box, they're iridescent/ holographic. The design is a little stange, and I still don't get the point of the little ball on top. Ah well, they're cute.

High Shine lipsticks in : Designer Coral 154, Nude Silhouette 214, and Champagne Blush 352 

 Designer Coral, Nude Silhouette, Champagne Blush

Designer Coral is described as a sheer vibrant coral. Coral lips are a must have for summer, and I like the sheerness of this one. Nude Silhouette is a sheer muted peach. It's the perfect nude. The thing that makes it great is it's a very natural nude, straying from the atypical  creamy "concealer" nudes, this is basically an upgrade to your natural lips. Champagne Blush is a sheer golden pink. When swatched, it looks a lot like NARS' Orgasm doesn't it? It's a pretty cool pink with gold shimmer. All of these colors look darker in the tube, but the fact that their sheer lip colors make them very wearable. All have a creamy consistency, and I find them pretty moisturizing on the lips. Wear time isn't incredible though, I found myself having to reapply every once in awhile. But who cares? I look pretty awesome pulling this out of my bag =D.

Lip Polish, Ultra Gloss, and Lip Color

Dior Addict Lip Color in Pink Bustier

Pink Bustier is described as a soft pink sheen. The swatch online looks a lot different to how it is in real life, in my eyes, it's a lot rosier. Typical to Dior lip products, their original lip color is also creamy in consistency and smooth to apply. the packaging on this is blue, which I think is a little freaking weird.  The moisturizing capabilities of this one is great! It has good pigmentation also, and isn't quite sheer as compared to the High Shine lipsticks.

 Dior Addict Ultra Gloss (Glow) in Negligee Pink

I have seriously been wearing this every-single-day since I got it. It makes my dry lips feel so nice. I wear it over MAC's Peachstock. Negligee Pink is sheer neutral pink. The Ultra Gloss line is full of shimmery lip glosses, however, I picked this color which is from the "Glow" line, and shimmer is minimal. This gloss comes with a brush applicator, which I LOVE, compared to the Lip Polish, which comes with a rolley-sponge tip

 Dior Addict Lip Polish in Fresh Glow

Dior Lip Polishes are made to moisturize your lips. See my pattern of moisturizing products? I have the driest lips! Hail to Dior! The lip polishes come in three different shades, and each shade is supposed to do something different. Fresh Glow is a sheer pink, and the "pink tone restores lip's youthfulness and promotes fresh-looking beauty" Uh, I don't know about that. But hey, My lipgloss is poppin'!

Pink Bustier, Negligee Pink, Fresh Glow

I'm really impressed with Dior's line of lip products. I need to go grab some more. Gimme gimme!

Have you ladies tried any of Dior's lip products? Thoughts?

Saturday, July 24, 2010

NOTD: Pink Nylon

I don't know why I'm still calling these Nail of the Days it really should be nail of the month...
=) Anyways, I'm not one to spend a lot on nail polish, it's not my main area of interest. NYC makes good nail polishes for 99 cents. Yes, that's right, less than a dolla. And, I'm sure many of you have seen them at your local drugstore.

I tried out Pink Nylon, which is a bubblegum pink. It's a really interesting Barbie-esque shade that looks different pink. It certainly is very "nylon". In some lights it'll look more bubblegum, and in other lighting (like below) it can look like a cooler light pink.

Excuse my messy nail job. My cuticles are all covered in color, I'm not very careful. I'm wearing two coats above because I like it opaque. I've worn this color for about 3-4 days now with no chipping, and no base or top coat. I can't believe I'm wearing pink. My boyfriend was going on about how I used to hate pink, and now I've changed. Whatever, I still refuse to wear pink clothing =). I just can't resist this nail color.

What's your favorite pink nail polish?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

FOTD: Catwalk Nudes

I. Am. Such. A. BORE. I'm surprised no one's screamed at me to back away from the neutrals already =). BUT! You guys must understand! Bare with me please! I work 6 days a week, and work is DEFINITELY no occasion to be wearing glittery blue shadows, if ya know what I'm saying. I finally used my NYX Catwalk palette today, and I figured I'd go with a nude lip too, you really emphasize a simple barefaced runway look with a heavy dramatic wing.

Stila One Step foundation in Medium
Amazing Cosmetics concealer in Medium
Victorias Secret Bronzer in Copocabana
Mac MSF in Stereo Rose

1: Apply to browbone
2: Dab on the inner corner and inner 1/3 of the eyelid
3: Pat all over lid
4: Sweep into crease and extend out past the eye
5: Apply lightly onto outer v to define and on lower lashlines
MAC Blacktrack fluidline
Tarte Lights Camera Lashes mascara
Benefit Stay Don't Stray primer

Sephora lip liner in Chairlift
NYX Honey l/s

And, here's another pouty picture to annoy you guys

OHHHH. Man. I just realized that whenever I upload photos on here, the quality gets shoddy. whats the deal?!

I hope you guys have a greeeat day! 

Monday, July 19, 2010

What's In My NEW Makeup Bag?

This is the horrible thing I USED to lug around in my purse...

Oh, it looks innocent enough. Look at it, shy and simple, saying" Oh, don't mind me I'm just a little Lorac makeup roll, I mean no harm"
But, BAM!

This thing was a monster. It had so many compartments, I always left one empty. Plus, rolling it up like that made it look like a sausage that ate 40 other sausages. Everytime I would whip it out, I was afraid I'd get some evil stares. I could only IMAGINE what girls were thinking "UNH UNH that girl is CRAZYYYY".
As I was browsing through Sonia Kashuk's section at la Target the other day, I found my new makeup bag =).

It's cute, and not as tedious as my Lorac one. Plus, the design is ultra cute. It has two compartments and folds up ONCE with a snap enclosure.

What's in it you ask? The blush and bronzer changes day by day, and I change the lippies once in a blue moon, but I generally have the same "types" of products. Currently, I'm lugging:

MAC Peachstock
MAC Lazy Days
NYX Honey
The Body Shop Lip Butter
Softlips lip balm
Cargo lipgloss in Halifax
Clinique lipgloss in Peach Plump
Smashbox lip enhancing gloss in Sand
Sephora lip liner in Chairlift

Other compartment:
MAC Stereo Rose
MAC Bronzer in Refined Golden
Loreal lineur intense liner
Eco tools blush brush
MAC mini kabuki

Yeah, I know, I carry ALOT of lip products. I like to switch up combos throughout the day.

Ugh, so my boyfriend showed me this song that "reminds" him of me, and now every time I say makeup bag, I HAVE to sing this HORRIBLE song.

What do you lug around in your makeup bag?

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Random Blabbering: Laura Mercier 25% Off and Pretty Little Liars

Thanks to Oprah, and her "O List", tomorrow is offering 25% off all purchases with the coupon code "Oprah". It's only valid tomorrow. Oprah always has great coupon codes for online use =). I'm planning on getting the tinted moisturizer. I own the oil-free one but I also love the regular formula. After the discount, it's $32 instead of $42!

*EDIT: A lovely follower has informed me that the code is only for tinted moisturizers! Thanks! And not thanks to you Oprah, for confusing me.. 

I just wanted to give you ladies a heads up since I'm sure not a lot of us actually read Oprah's magazine...

Also, I NEED to comment on the new ABC show "Pretty Little Liars". Have you guys seen it? I've followed it since DAY ONE. Pretty Little Liars is based on a book series apparently... When I first saw commercials for it, I was thinking: LAME. It reminded me too much of teeny-bopper-esque shows, however, I was pleasantly surprised to find it was a lot darker, and that the acting/storyline wasn't cheesy or horrible (AHEM to The Secret Life of an American Teenager). Doesn't the main character look like a whiter version of Selena Gomez? Anyways, If you watch it, what did you think of the newest episode? I actually just watched it on Hulu. Although the episode ended on a bad note with a bit of bad acting on "Emily's" part, I wanna know what's freakin' going on!!! (BTW, I highly doubt Toby's a killer, the girls are so off)

Have a good weekend everyone!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Nailene Press On Nails and 3 Chances To Win! (Giveaway)[CLOSED]

The PR at Nailene was nice enough to send me a bag of goodies, all packaged so prettily =).

Now, I've mentioned it before, but I'm not a big nail person. I'm horrible, I neglect them and don't treat or care for them =(. Yes, I've gotten manicures before, but I've NEVER EVER gotten fake nails. I hate acrylics and gels, they're just nah-sty. Why? I see girls with those long ones and it just looks to tra- I mean... VAMPY. And, they look like such a bother to get off. However, I decided to try press-on nails, because they seem to be removed a lot easier, they're affordable, and they're a hell of a lot easier to put on.

My tools of choice: Nailene's So Natural Press-on nails in the short sporty length.

My thoughts: 

I must say, I reall really liked the way they look. I like them because they're ultra short and they looked like my real nails! The downside is that I have extremely long nail beds, so I had to cut my nails ALL the way down in order for my real nail not to peak from under neath the false ones. Nailene nails are also super easy to use. It probably took me only 10 minutes to do the full set, and that's me being a noob!

Wearing these, I had so many compliments. A lot of people thought I had gotten my nails done and were suprised when I said they were press-on. They're so pretty =).

However, the problem was in wear time. It says that they're long lasting, but not to wear them over a week. After only TWO days, my right thumb nail fell off! I feel like it's partly my fault though, turns out I used a size too big. But then, the next day, the other thumb fell off, and the next a different nail fell off, then another. After wearing them for a total of 5 days I got sick and tired of having my nails fall off in public and reglueing them, so I just ripped them all off (No, it didn't hurt). Nailene recommends soaking them in acetone for removal, but I'm a lazy arse. The truely terrible part is almost two weeks after removing the nails, there was still glue residue on my nails =(! Lame.

However, they're so pretty and natural-looking, I still recommend them =), just don't count on long wear time. I've seen Nailene sold at my local Rite-Aid, Walmart, etc.

If you're really interested, I'm giving away three different Nailene prizes!

1st Prize: Nailene Ultra Quick Brush-on Gel Kit
2nd Prize: Nailene Couture Press-on nails
3rd Prize: Nailene Bedazzled nail stickers

How to win :
1)You must be a follower
2)Comment below telling me your email address and your favorite nail polish!

Giveaway ends July 19th (Monday) 11:59 PST US. Open internationally. 

FTC Disclaimer: These products were sent to me by the company for consideration for review purposes, without compensation. Opinions are my own and I preach the truth. Don't doubt me.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Benefit Tells You To Stay Put

Awhile ago, I blogged about the newest  mini kit from Benefit, The Stay Put set ($10). They say it's a retail value of $35, but I have no idea where they got that number. I think $10 is the right price. My kit has been sitting around for awhile since I got it in the mail, but I finally took the time to try the pieces out. The set comes with deluxe sample sizes of the Stray Don't Stray eye primer, Erase Paste concealer in medium, and a creaseless cream shadow in RSVP.

The packaging is much like the old mini Benefit set, with the products neatly tucked away in a cardboard box.

Stay Don't Stray eye primer

Erase Paste concealer in Medium

Creaseless Cream Shadow in RSVP
Swatches L-R: Stay Don't Stray, Erase Paste, RSVP

Stay Don't Stray: This is yet another primer much like UDPP. It's basically the same color and texture. However, I was not very impressed with this because I did see some creasing and fading throughout the day.

Erase Paste in Medium: BLEH. I was really looking foward to this one after seeing some good reviews. Usually I'm a fan of thicker consistency concealers because usually it means better coverage, however, the texture of this one was just plain sticky and hard to blend. Also, the color is way too pink. I thought the pink/salmon tone might lend as a better color corrector, but the hue looked much too pink and didn't match my skin tone. YUCK.

Creaseless cream shadow in RSVP: This isn't anything special. It's a shimmery champagne-skin tone shade. Like other Benefit cream shadows I own, they don't work great as a shadow, but better as a base.

This is a good little kit to try out before committing to full sizes, because I definitly will NOT be getting these in big mama size. Overall, I was disappointed and will shove these little pieces in the back of the drawer to play around with when I'm bored out of my mind.

P.S. Benefit also released a new value set on Sephora: 

It's called the Beauty in the Box kit ($48) and includes:

- 0.34 oz Full-Sized Some Kind-A Gorgeous The Foundation Faker
- 0.37 oz Full-Sized "That Gal" Brightening Face Primer
- 0.09 oz Deluxe Mini Stay Don't Stray Stay-Put Primer For Concealers & Eyeshadows
- 0.25 oz Deluxe Mini Erase Paste 02 Medium Brightening Camouflage For Eyes & Face

 I already know the minis are a fail for me. I've also tried "That Gal" and hated it. I own Some-Kind-a Gorgeous, and I don't like it either. This kit isn't for me but some might like =)


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