Thursday, May 6, 2010

Prepare: MAC Mascara Buy Two Get One Free Event!

I stopped by Nordstrom's MAC counter today and chatted a bit with the Sales Associate there. As we all know, MAC is releasing their To The Beach collection on the 27th of this month. She told me that for the 27th though 29th Nordies would be holding a launch event where you just go and they help you try on all the new products and colors. She also told me that on the 29th, they would be having all mascaras buy 2 get 1 free! I love it when they have these events! The first one this year was for eyeshadows, then glosses, and now mascaras!

Wow. that's a whole lot of exclamation marks. 

I will admit I'm not a big fan of MAC mascaras, because I have Zoom Lash and I hate its guts. But I might be willing to try their other one. PLUS their mascaras are pretty affordable ($13 each). The mascaras I'm considering are in the photo above. (Opulash, Plush Lash, and Fibre Rich Lash)

As for To The Beach ...

Check out all product pictures and info here: Make Up and Beauty Blog

I desperately want/NEED the High-Light Powder in Marine Life ($26) and Powder Blush in Get-Away Bronzes ($18.50). The packaging on everything is bangin'! I'd want one of the lipsticks for the packaging but the only one in a color I'd wear is BeachBound, but it's a GLAZE. And I DESPISE those.

Are you guys planning on getting any mascaras? And what about to the beach?

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  1. i would love to buy a whole bunch of mac to the beach products but i know that once i walk over to their counter i will drop tons of dough stacks. therefore i can't. keep the notices coming about the deals!



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