Saturday, March 5, 2011

Quick Snap: Singing Hey Na Na Na Na Na Na

Here's a crappy quality photo of me so you guys know that I'm still alive and kicking. My iPhone can only do so much in crappy lighting. I'm so sad... I lost my iPod. I seriously LOST my iPod. As in, I have no idea where it is. My music is gone. *Sigh*. Well I've posted some songs I like below. I really urge you to listen to the below songs.( >       Δ      ~ )

 *Picture a la tumblr

 My ugly doll. He actually has two sides to him. I wonder what makes ugly things so cute. He's (They've) just celebrated their third birthday. And boy is he (they?) excited! I have this strange rabid for all things cute. But then again, it's just a girl thing.
Isn't this ramen funny? I just HAD to show it. Soup for Sluts. It's "Cheap, Fast & Easy". I can't believe they sell this. I found it in the student store on campus. There were a few other silly ramen packages as well. 
I've been obsessed with Pretty Little Liars since DAY 1. It's not even just the show, I pay attention a lot to the actresses' makeup and clothing. Their stylists are gods I tell you. I can relate to each of the character's style. I switch up my outfits a lot, and have dressed like all four of them at one time or another. Each character has such a unique individual look, I'm truly stunned by the work that their stylists do. It's all about the intricate details. Some people are getting exhausted over the storylines, but not me. I even take screen caps of makeup looks to try later ( '   3   ' ), ah I'm such a loser. I can relate mainly to Lucy Hale's character "Aria" because she's the most reflective of my personal style. All of my style and beauty icons seem to have similar body shapes, heights, and hair as I do... (Lucy Hale, Rachel Bilson, Mila Kunis), am I biased? 
Did I mention I'm also in love with the guy that plays Mr. Ezra Fitz?
The term is over for me next Friday, so I'm excited to have a little more time, as well as more time for blogging! These silly little updates are a way for me to just share little bits and pieces of me and my days with you guys, as well as show that I haven't altogether forgotten this wee little blog. I'll be putting up a post with my Makeup collection/Storage soon, just because I'm interested in possibly selling 75% of it... tee hee

♥Yes. Coconut Records is basically just Jason Schwartzman. He was also in a band called Phantom Planet (They did the O.C. Theme song). Check out my other favorite songs from them: "West Coast" and "Nighttiming". I didn't want to post a video overkill on this entry....

"It's been awhile, how you've come back in style.. "


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