Sunday, May 30, 2010

CCO & MAC Haul

I finally persuaded my boyfriend to take me to the Cosmetics Company Store on Friday. I was mildly disappointed this time, they didn't have any paintpots. Anywhoo, I still managed to pick up some stuff EVEN though I was not impressed with the stock (just because everything was discounted). 

I got:
Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizer (I ran out of my old bottle)
MAC Beauty Powder in Blush of Youth
MAC MSF in Cheeky Bronze
Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks in Blushed Rose
Estee Lauder Double Wear Cream Shadow in Golden Apricot
MAC Eyeshadow in Creme de Miel and Embark

I was really happy that I snagged that last Clinique moisturizer =). I'm not too sure if I'll even use the MSF, because I own a few, and honestly I've never used them They're very pretty, just too shimmery.  Oh, and finding Embark was exciting because it's a permanent line item. Even though I already own it in a palette... I though "why not"? I can't believe I didn't buy a Mineralize Eyeshadow. There was one I wanted, but I guess I forgot to add it to my pile on the counter. I spent forever in the store, because I didn't want to miss anything and regret it later, since I live so far away from the CCO.

The day before I also went to Nordstrom to check out the new MAC To the Beach collection. I know that It was released a few days earlier online, but me being naive, figured I should just wait and get it in stores. STUPID ME. When I got to Nordstrom, the SA informed me that they sold out of the coveted Marine Life Highlight Powder! Not just that, but my entire state was sold out, as well as all stores online including the MAC site. I called the MAC store, and they told me that they sold out that day, and that they would not get anymore stock in, as well as the website, and well, every other retailer. Out of luck! I still managed to pick up a few other items though...

Hipness Blush
Coral Crepe Paint pot (From Pret a Papier)
Dirty Grease Paintstick (From Art Supplies)

Sigh. Not a satisfactory haul to me.

Did you guys get anything from To the Beach? Did you snag the highlight powder? And have you found any treasures at the CCO?


  1. I've always wanted to go to the CCO, but it's three hours away from me. But next month I'm going to Destin, Florida and there's a CCO there! I'm super excited. :)

    I did the same thing you did about the Marine Life! I was so disappointed. I did get the Refined Golden bronzer, Pink Rebel Lustre Drops, Sweet & Punchy e/s, and Shimmermoss e/s.

  2. @Jasmine: When you go definitely tell me what you get! =)I'm glad you got so many goodies from To the Beach!

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  4. I wanted the coral paintpot but wasn't sure because scared my eyes would look swollen instead of a nice coral color. =/ And I only got the high-light powder from To The Beach cause they were sold out quick!



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