Saturday, March 13, 2010

Revlon Colorburst Lipstick W/ Swatches

I'm sure by now everyone's heard of the new ColorBurst lipstick.
I managed to get Baby Pink and the very popular Soft Nude (last one at my store =D, I'm really excited for this one)
I'm always a sucker for packaging, and I love the design of the lipsticks. They look really chic.

Baby Pink and Soft Nude

Baby pink is a light, well baby pink color. Soft nude looks tannish in the tube, but is actually a bit peach when swatched. the consistency is creamy and staying power is great. I haven't actually worn Soft Nude yet, since I actually got it after Baby Pink.

Here's some swatches of me wearing Baby Pink on the lips:

As you can see, the color sadly didn't show up that great. (I'm still using my stupid iPhone as a camera. If you guys click on the picture you can see the color better.)
But in real life the pink is really vibrant. So, I can say that so far, Love. So, do I really need Mac's Viva Gaga?

And I'm debating if I should get Crimson (red) or not...

Have you guys tried them yet?


  1. Lovely lipsticks and gorgeoys colous you"ve picked!!!

  2. i want to try one! and now, im jealous of usa because they always release stuff earlier than uk :( and some of the stuff never gets released here :'( love the packaging! ill have to search online for these :) thank you for the swatches! :) beautiful colours

  3. I actually have an extra baby pink. Should I give it away as an XS giveaway since I have only 15 followers? lol

    You guys should definitely get them! They're great. Hopefully the UK releases them!

  4. i bought the exact two lipsticks too! I'm not too big of a fan of Baby pink but I LOVEEEEE Soft nude. It's definetly my HG nude lipstick! Thanks for the post.

  5. @a.z.: im glad you like! just tried out soft nude today. its not working for me =( it's not pigmented enough on my lips, quite sheer actually.



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