Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Eve Pearl at Hautelook

I'm sure everyone's heard of They have designer sample sales at insane prices. I'm in it for the makeup. The Eve Pearl sale started today. They're famous for their HD foundation duos (which are now on hautelook for only 18.90 (retail is 54.00)!!

I picked up:

Salmon concealer in light ($12.25)

Absolute Eyelashes in Black ($2.10)

The Eye Palette in Ultimate ($14.00)

I regret not getting the primer, HD foundation, and mascaras but I'm not about to place another order and pay for more shipping. (Plus, I'm still on this beauty budget of mine)

 The site used to be invitation only, but now anyone can join =). I'm leaving my referral link anyways in case anyone feels nice : (when you invite people and they make their first purchase, you get $10)

Yes, Im posting on here instead of studying for my final that starts in half an hour. 


  1. You got some nice things, to bad they don`t send overseas ;) Good luck with your final ;)



  2. A friend of mine sent me a video of her doing makovers on youtube and they were damn amazing, the thing is it was under studio lighting and I'm not sure if that affected the results at all. If you get the chance to review/swatch these products when they arrive, please do !



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