Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Essence has arrived at Ulta


Essence cosmetics, a German brand, just came to Ulta!
Their products are dirt-cheap, nothing costing more than a measly 5 bucks!
The line includes bronzers, eyeshadows, mascaras, brushes and even blushes. Basically everything a cosmetics company should offer but at an insane price.
I can't vouch for the quality quite yet until I try it (which I will) but I'm always lemming for cheap stuff!
Check em' out  HERE

What do you guys think? Tempting or pass?


  1. wow~ their stuff looks really cute! i'm really tempted to pick up a few things, like the eyeshadow quad and the 3-in-1 concealer.
    anyway, with the $3.50 off code that ULTA offers, it's not too big of a risk~

    thanks for posting! i never would have discovered this if you hadn't!

  2. We have Essence here for around 2 years so I know the brand very well, If you are wondering about specific products don`t hasitate to ask and I can advice you if it is any good ;)



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