Saturday, March 27, 2010

CCO Mini Mac Haul W/ Swatches

Yesterday I persuaded the boyfriend to take me to the Cosmetics Company Outlet in Woodburn, which is about 45 minutes from where I live. I was a little disappointed because the MAC selection was basically the same as it was when I went down there last month. I did manage to find a few things I liked though.

I got the Fun in the Sun Mineralize Kit from 2009's Magic, Mirth, and Mischief collection. It includes a MSF in Shimpagne, a mineralized blush in Nuance, a mineralize shadow in Play on Plums, and a 181SE brush. I also got eyeshadows in Knight and Apres-ski, as well as a lipglass in Young Thing.

Swatches: (from left to right) Knight, Apres-ski, Shimagne MSF, Nuance blush

I REALLY love Nuance. It's such a pretty peach. Shimpagne is also gorgeous. I'm not a big fan of Knight, it took me too many dips to get an ok swatch, but Apres-ski is really nice.
I didn't swatch Play on Plums... because I don't plan on keeping it ;).

Swatch: Young Thing Lipglass over concealer

Young thing showed up too sheer over my lips since I have pigmented lips, so I had to put concealer under it. Overall, It's a really pretty nude color.

*BTW. They also had Estee Lauder blushes that looked very much like Mac ombre blushes! I wanted the EL Peach Nuance one since I missed out on the Mac collection, but I figuredI'd hold out until I can get my hands on the Mac ones. Sigh.And now I'm regretting not getting it...

Do you guys frequent the CCO?


  1. Nice haul ;) You`re lucky to have MU outlet so near you ;)


  2. I wish we had CCO here :(
    do they usually have pretty good deals?

  3. @Robin: everything in the outlet is 30% off retail prices. it's a pretty good deal =)

  4. Jenny hi, I am not from UK but I am from Europe ;) I can do a swap, just tell me what do you need so I can see if we have it available here. Leave me your email and we can talk there ;)


  5. I love CCO's!! I work right by one so i was majorly excited when they got the MAC holiday stuff in! I've just become a follower and I really like your blog :))




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