Sunday, March 14, 2010

Products I Regret Buying

I'm sure this has happened to everyone. You go to the store, see something you have to have, just to go home, try it, and be mega disappointed. Here are 10 items I shouldn't have bought. (Not to say them won't work for you. they just didn't for me.)

1) Mac's Hello Kitty Blush in Fun and Games
I tried so hard to like it, and managed to even persuade myself it was perfect. However, I've come to the realization that the pigmentation is so sucky, I'm not really getting much color out of it.

2) Loreal HIP Duo in Wicked
Seventeen magazine sucked me into buying this along time ago. It won best eyeshadow of the year. HAH. Yeah, right. Those 12 year olds obviously don't know good pigmentation. The bronzey side is ok, but the purple side is awful. I've tried to use this about 2 times now and the color isn't smooth and it gets muddy. YUCK.

3) NARS Concealer duo in Custard/Ginger
I was really excited for this one. I mean, c'mon it's NARS. Sadly, it doesn't conceal much. I use it on my eyelids now. AND, I still believe Nars has THE crappiest packaging. Fingerprint alert.

4) Urban Decay Blush in Exhale
It's super sparkly. Meaning, theres huge glitter chunks in this. I expect this out of their eyeshadows. But blush too? The color is nice but doesnt show up great, plus, did I mention the huge craft glitter?

5) Victoria's Secret Femme Lipstick
Yeah, it's a nice nude color and all in the picture. But it has crappy quality up the wazoo. It's drying on my lips and the color is strange on me. Again, DRYING.

6) Rimmel Lipstick in Airy Fairy
I had heard a lot about this one so I decided to try it. I HATE, ABHOR, DESPISE the color (on me anyways). And I really don't know why. I think I'm disappointed from the hype.

7) Sephora Lipliner in Chair Lift
First of all, the brush end is plain retarded. Second, who the hell invented the wood on the pencil. It's so harsh! The color would be nice if it didn't go on unevenly and chunky. Yeah. (note: try out Sephora's native nude lipliner, that stuff is geat).

8) Stila Major Lash Mascara
Doesn't do anything for my lashes. No volume, no length. Major lash? More like major a**. End of story.

9) OPI for Sephora Nail polish in A True Romantic
Tried this out once. Not doing it again. It's one of THOSE colors. The one's that come on two sheer, the ones for french manicures. I was not aware of this when I bought it. I was expecting a pink pastel.

10) Maybelline Superstay Foundation
I knew I shouldn't have gone behind colorstay's back. I'm a big fan of anything that says it'll "Stay". This is supposed to be transfer-proof. It's not. It transfered on EVERYTHING that touched it. A napkin, my shirt, my boyfriend's pillow. Freakin Fantastic huh?

I actually have a very important number 11 to add : Loreal HIP Cream eyeliner in Eggplant. IT SUCKS. pigmentation is poor. It's very sheer. I like the black one they make, but the purple is ridiculous.

What are the products you guys regret buying? I'm tagging everyone! (Because I love looking at products I SHOULDN'T buy)


  1. I haven't tried any of those products above... but will stay away from! Some products I regret buying includes:

    the Imju Fiberwig mascara that everyone seems to love. it claims that it will give you a false-lashes effect, but it didn't do anything for me. It didn't lengthen, thicken or make my sad excuse of eyelashes any better.

    other purchases include Sephora eyeshadows! They have no pigment at all... I can't believe I bought it for $9. This was when I was young and new to makeup- and I was able to see it as a crappy product >.<

  2. @peachcharm: thanks for telling me! I almost bought some sephora eyeshadows because they're on sale for 5 dollars lol

  3. Thanks for this! I almost bought a bottle of superstay! What can you recommend as an alternative? Colorstay breaks me out!

  4. So strange how some people love something and others dont :) I absolutely adore fun and games and wear it quite alot. Great post! :)

  5. @K: superstay has really nice coverage, the only problem is that it transfers =(. Have you tried stila's oil-free foundation? I really like it, and it has no oils so less chance of a break out =D. its pricey though.

    superficialgirl: Im glad it worked for you! I try so hard to like it. but it must be my skin tone =(

  6. New reader ^_^ (found your blog through soompi)
    Thanks for the list! Ugh I hate rimmel lipsticks (and their eyeshadow) so gotta agree with you on that one.
    Hm I was gonna try Superstay but after reading I think I'll try Colorstay instead...

    Products I regret buying: Borghese Nail Lacquer. I can't believe these sell for like 7$(or 9?) a bottle at walgreens.. I absolutely hate these.. it's so runny and look terrible on my nails ><
    I'm sure I have more to name but I can't think of it right now :P

  7. @Mimi: great to know! I've been wanting to try those polishes to (silly me thinks that expensive polish must be good)

    ugh. i cant believe i bought ANOTHER rimmel lipstick yesterday. got crush. its awful. I've officially learned my lesson

  8. Since a lot of the products you bought were hyped, you can definitely sell them on ebay or something

  9. Hi Jenny,

    you have a really nice blog ;) come to visit mine if you`ll have a time!


  10. @Daphne: lol good point. I'll probably be utilizing the selling and trading forum at soompi instead =)

    @summerbabe: thanks =) will be checking yours

  11. hey, jenny! saw your link on soompi and thought i'd stop by and say hi :) that's so funny i have items 1-3 and 5-6 on your list and i feel the same way! i really wanted to love fun & games esp because of the hello kitty packaging lol ugh and the nars packaging has always bothered me as well. i mean i still love their products but the concealer duo really does suck :( i wanted to use it for my undereye circles but it just sets into my fine lines so disappointing.

    -lkitty (you know the one who's been trying to get stila's lillium! lol)

  12. @lkitty: glad you found me! I'm sorry you never got lilium =(

    youre probably the first person to agree with me on fun and games! everyone loves it =)



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