Thursday, March 4, 2010

Rant: Drugstore Foundation

Yesterday I was perusing the aisles of Rite-Aid in the search of the newly-hyped Revlon PhotoReady Foundation. Standing in front of the Revlon display, I became frustrated yet again with the thought of...


Drugstore foundation's most common failure is lack of tester bottles. The best I can do is hold it up to my face and run rampant around the store trying to find a mirror. Even that doesn't help. I ALWAYS end up with the wrong shade, hence the reason why I always mix my drugstore foundations.

So there I was, desperate to try Revlon's PhotoReady, but clueless on which one to buy. Even though Walgreens and Rite Aid have makeup guarantees (meaning if you try it and don't like it you can still return) I'm one of THOSE people who cower from guilt and can never bring myself to return a used item. I ended up just grabbing a bottle in Natural Beige only to come home and find the colors dramatically different. Sigh. So I'll have to wait until they get nude back in stock to exchange my (unopened) bottle of Natural Beige.

Have you guys been through this? Are you able to easily find your shade?


  1. Hi :) I found your blog on soompi! I hate this problem... and I also can never find myself returning a used item in case the cashier gives me a hard time. In the end, I have a bunch of make up items that I don't use =|

  2. same here! I end up selling most of my foundations because theyre either too dark or too pink.
    Sometimes the shade on the bottle is also deceiving. In the bottle it looks okay and once its on your face its an entirely different color!

  3. im guessing usa doesnt do tester bottles? i live in the uk and there are testers available. it does suck that there arent any. and youre right, how are you suppose to know what shade you are!
    even with the tester, i get torn between two shades in the end and cant decide which on to get.

  4. peachcharm:
    well thanks for stopping by =). I'm totally in the same boat... with worthless makeup lying around. but hey. you can always sell on soompi right??

    I hate getting shades that are too pink! And ive also gotten shades that look tanner and come one lighter/yellower. strangest thing

    UK has tester bottles? AH. I wish we did! =( Ive always been so jealous of the UK. Ive been wanting the FrontCover Rainbow Eyes Palette released on the 23rd at boots. half off at release! =( cant get my hands on the darn thing

  5. Hey girl! Found you through soompi too! But yeah I used to get really annoyed at the whole DS shade ordeal. Sometimes at my CVS they'd have testers but that's like once in a blue moon -___-

    But what I do now is look up shades/swatches online and compare them to the foundation shades that I know for sure that I am. There's still a slight variation in the shades (I bought 003 in Photoready but 004 matches me slightly better). :)

    btw you can mix foundations if you don't want that lighter shade to go to waste if you have a foundation in a darker shade handy. But don't go out of your way to buy a darker shade just to mix! haha

  6. I avoided drugstore foundation for this reason for so long, but then when my parents were shopping for a new washing machine I found out Sears carries a lot of a drugstore make up and they give testers/samples. It's like drugstore make up at a regular counter.



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