Thursday, March 11, 2010

Makeup Muses

Do you guys ever look at a picture and think "Wow. I wish my makeup looked like that?"

For me, it's always been this picture of Jessica Alba:

OK OK. I know that she's gorgeous, and as much as I'd like her FACE (in this picture anyways), I'm saying that I want her makeup LOOK. There's a soft quality about it that's so natural and pretty. Yes, I know there's photoshop involved, but that's beside the point. Everything about the makeup application is simply gorgeous.

Antoher look I like: (I believe I got this picture from ages ago):

Yes, it's Eve. Isn't her make-up flippin' awesome?

Do you guys have pictures that inspire you cosmetically?


  1. Jessica Alba looks so pretty in that photo.. I really her makeup there too, and her voluminous hair! I never found Eve attractive, but she is looking great in that photo. Loving the eye makeup

    I don't have any photos at the moment, but I love the dewy look with lots of falsies/mascara!

  2. Jessica Alba is so pretty... she looks so natural and flawless in the picture :)

  3. @peachcharm: I know! her hair is so amazing, the color,everything! I also really like the dewy look. Im not a matte person

    @joanneng: makes you hate her huh? lol ;)



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