Sunday, March 28, 2010

Heels for my lashes?

Today I'm reviewing Maybelline Lash Stiletto Voluptuous Waterproof Mascara. 

Maybelline says: 
Now long lashes don't have to be skinny. Only our dual action brush stretches as it thickens each lash for dramatic length and volume. Our rich cream formula adds the most seductive finish.

Here comes my no-makeup face...

 After using the mascara, I can see a difference in length. However, the voluptuous part isn't doing it's job. I'm also not too fond of the formula, the consistency isn't as creamy as I'd like, it feels dryer. But maybe it's just the retarded wand that's doing that. Is the curve of the wand supposed to be helpful?? BECAUSE IT'S NOT. It's awkward and doesn't do its job in coating my lashes, meaning I had to go over the same areas a lot of times. I had high hopes for this one because it's so darn SEXY.

Conclusion. Length= good. Volume, formula and wand = not so good.

This is probably something I won't buy again, but I will layer it with my lash blast for extra length =). Now I'm not saying it's a bad mascara. It works decent, but I don't prefer it.


  1. Love the shape of your eyes! And you have bautiful lashes! But Im not impressed with efect that this mascara gives ;)

    Thanks for a review ;)


  2. @summerbabe: thanks =P, yeah I'm definitely not impressed either -__-

  3. Thanks for the review!!!!And for sharring it!!

  4. Thanks for the review... I was thinking of getting it but after reading the review... I might consider another brand/type

  5. thanks so much for the review!! i was thinking if i should buy it! but now i know to stay way from the stiletto products! my old one, the black one, sucked as well!!



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