Sunday, March 21, 2010

Acne Acne Acne

Today I wanted to talk about acne, particularly two wonder products that have always worked for me. Throughout my entire life, I've never had an acne problem, so I don't know if these products will work for more acne prone skin. I do get a spot every once in a while, and using these products makes it disappear within 48 hours! These products are both spot treatments, not a full face treatment.

First off is the Clinique Emergency Gel Lotion ($13.50) for .5 OZ:
 I've been using this since high school and it hasn't failed me yet. I apply it at night on the spot before I go to sleep and my zit is either downsized in the morning or vitually gone. It says its a gel, but the consistency is more of a white cream.

Second up is Neutrogena's Rapid Clear Acne Eliminating Spot Gel (About $7.00) for .5 OZ:

This is a newer product I've been using. I had this zit that the Clinique one just wouldn't clear, so I decided to try this. In my opinion, this one actually works a little better. The formula feels stronger. This one is more gel-like, and is clear. I apply this morning and night.

Both tubes are quite small, the Neutrogena one looks about half of Clinque's size,but I guess they contain the same amount.

I also use the Neutrogena Oil- Free Acne Stress Control Power Clear Scrub when I shower. But to be honest, I only use it because it has beads to exfoliate my face and get rid of some makeup before I use my eye makeup removers.. Other than that, the formula itself doesn't do much for acne.

I highly recommend the two acne spot treatments for those who have yet to find a product to get rid of those annoying spots.

*A little off topic, but can someone recommend a good makeup-removing facial wash. NOT a makeup remover because I have plenty of those, but facial soaps that erode makeup =). I've tried a few and they haven't done a good job of removing makeup at ALL.


  1. I use products for acne too!My next item will be neutrogena!!Thanks for the review!!!

  2. Thanks for the review! Ive had bad acne for such a long time and haven't found a solution yet, but I liked the clinique emergency lotion :)
    The neutrogena acne stress control products are also decent for DS.

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  4. How about the shu uemura cleansing OIL?
    The oil essentially slips the makeup off of your face, even waterproof and then you splash some water on your face and it will turn all foamy. My cousin uses the blue one and she wears her makeup quite heavy.
    For me, I only need to wash off BB cream so I can just use cetaphil face wash.
    Purpose gentle cleansing wash is the most basic/effective face wash though, it gets off all the makeup but that's about it. No moisture,no exfoliation nothing. So I guess those are some to consider.


    Love that one. Removes all my makeup and unlike some other face washes, my skin just looks/feels cleaner and softer. The price is pretty good and the tube is really big.

  6. I use Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream which is a bit thicker than regular foundations/bases. Because of that, I don't like to uses regular makeup wipes -- I feel like it doesn't do anything. I started using Loreal 360 deep clean (green bottle) and it takes off EVERYTHING (except eye makeup, I usually do that separately, as I use waterproof mascara)

    So, I really recommend it. Plus the little built in scrubber helps with getting everything off. I actually bought the face wash in the white+pink bottle as well. It's a gentler creme cleanser, which I use in the morning, when I just want a quick wash. I save the green for when I get home after hours outside.



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