Monday, July 19, 2010

What's In My NEW Makeup Bag?

This is the horrible thing I USED to lug around in my purse...

Oh, it looks innocent enough. Look at it, shy and simple, saying" Oh, don't mind me I'm just a little Lorac makeup roll, I mean no harm"
But, BAM!

This thing was a monster. It had so many compartments, I always left one empty. Plus, rolling it up like that made it look like a sausage that ate 40 other sausages. Everytime I would whip it out, I was afraid I'd get some evil stares. I could only IMAGINE what girls were thinking "UNH UNH that girl is CRAZYYYY".
As I was browsing through Sonia Kashuk's section at la Target the other day, I found my new makeup bag =).

It's cute, and not as tedious as my Lorac one. Plus, the design is ultra cute. It has two compartments and folds up ONCE with a snap enclosure.

What's in it you ask? The blush and bronzer changes day by day, and I change the lippies once in a blue moon, but I generally have the same "types" of products. Currently, I'm lugging:

MAC Peachstock
MAC Lazy Days
NYX Honey
The Body Shop Lip Butter
Softlips lip balm
Cargo lipgloss in Halifax
Clinique lipgloss in Peach Plump
Smashbox lip enhancing gloss in Sand
Sephora lip liner in Chairlift

Other compartment:
MAC Stereo Rose
MAC Bronzer in Refined Golden
Loreal lineur intense liner
Eco tools blush brush
MAC mini kabuki

Yeah, I know, I carry ALOT of lip products. I like to switch up combos throughout the day.

Ugh, so my boyfriend showed me this song that "reminds" him of me, and now every time I say makeup bag, I HAVE to sing this HORRIBLE song.

What do you lug around in your makeup bag?


  1. I LOLed at "plus, rolling it up like that made it look like a sausage that ate 40 other sausages". Lovely description hehehe~! And the new MU bag is super cute!!

  2. I personally rarely carry makeup with me besides chapstick with SPF and a clear gloss but I love seeing what other people carry :D Your new bag is super cute and MUCH more compact ^^ Just wondering, how often do you touch up your makeup in a day??

  3. Thanks guys =)

    @AngelicBB: I rarely ever touch up my makeup! lol kind of defeats the purpose huh? I used to only carry chapstick and lip gloss. I touch up my lips a lot now though, because it fades so much. But the only other touch up I do is either bronzer or blush once at the end of the day (usually if I've been drinking b/c it makes me palllleee)



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