Monday, July 12, 2010

Rock and Republic Beauty @ Hautelook is ON!

I feel like I've been waiting for this sale to pop up again for FOREVER. I passed on it the last two times and regretted it.


Everything is up to 50% off. Making, the blushes only $20 dollars! So, of course I have to try to snag as many as I can. Their ultra sleek and chic packaging is drool worthy! For swatches of eyeshadows and blushes see HERE (from The swatches look AMAZING. The eyeshadows look super pigmented, as well as the blushes. Oh yeah, and the blushes are 9 grams of product! That's huge! This sale will last for 72 hours, don't miss it!!!

 Blush in Bedroom

Lipgloss in Muse

Ammo Eye Color

Again, is no longer invite only, but if you'd like, here's my invite link : Just click through that link and register, takes about 2 minutes, and you're all set! Happy shopping! (Rock and Republic jeans are also on sale =)!)

Are you guys eyeing anything from this sale?


  1. Did you see the Villa highlighter for $112?? Unbelievable, how could a highlighter cost $200+ originally??

  2. @Ashley: I know! It's crazy! It's because the casing is embedded with Swarovski crystals. It's pretty and all, but who would spend over $100 on ONE makeup product! YEESH O_O



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