Friday, July 16, 2010

Nailene Press On Nails and 3 Chances To Win! (Giveaway)[CLOSED]

The PR at Nailene was nice enough to send me a bag of goodies, all packaged so prettily =).

Now, I've mentioned it before, but I'm not a big nail person. I'm horrible, I neglect them and don't treat or care for them =(. Yes, I've gotten manicures before, but I've NEVER EVER gotten fake nails. I hate acrylics and gels, they're just nah-sty. Why? I see girls with those long ones and it just looks to tra- I mean... VAMPY. And, they look like such a bother to get off. However, I decided to try press-on nails, because they seem to be removed a lot easier, they're affordable, and they're a hell of a lot easier to put on.

My tools of choice: Nailene's So Natural Press-on nails in the short sporty length.

My thoughts: 

I must say, I reall really liked the way they look. I like them because they're ultra short and they looked like my real nails! The downside is that I have extremely long nail beds, so I had to cut my nails ALL the way down in order for my real nail not to peak from under neath the false ones. Nailene nails are also super easy to use. It probably took me only 10 minutes to do the full set, and that's me being a noob!

Wearing these, I had so many compliments. A lot of people thought I had gotten my nails done and were suprised when I said they were press-on. They're so pretty =).

However, the problem was in wear time. It says that they're long lasting, but not to wear them over a week. After only TWO days, my right thumb nail fell off! I feel like it's partly my fault though, turns out I used a size too big. But then, the next day, the other thumb fell off, and the next a different nail fell off, then another. After wearing them for a total of 5 days I got sick and tired of having my nails fall off in public and reglueing them, so I just ripped them all off (No, it didn't hurt). Nailene recommends soaking them in acetone for removal, but I'm a lazy arse. The truely terrible part is almost two weeks after removing the nails, there was still glue residue on my nails =(! Lame.

However, they're so pretty and natural-looking, I still recommend them =), just don't count on long wear time. I've seen Nailene sold at my local Rite-Aid, Walmart, etc.

If you're really interested, I'm giving away three different Nailene prizes!

1st Prize: Nailene Ultra Quick Brush-on Gel Kit
2nd Prize: Nailene Couture Press-on nails
3rd Prize: Nailene Bedazzled nail stickers

How to win :
1)You must be a follower
2)Comment below telling me your email address and your favorite nail polish!

Giveaway ends July 19th (Monday) 11:59 PST US. Open internationally. 

FTC Disclaimer: These products were sent to me by the company for consideration for review purposes, without compensation. Opinions are my own and I preach the truth. Don't doubt me.


  1. What a lovely giveaway! ^^
    I am a follower of your blog (Michelle-esque).
    My e-mail is:

    I absolutely love Sally Hansen brand of nail polish, but I think the China Glaze nail polish won my heart over.

  2. Already a follower!
    my email is:

    My friend just found me a bottle of sally hansen's hidden treasure and I swear it's the prettiest polish I own!

  3. I'm a follower!


    My favorite nail polish would have to be Wet N' Wild's Darling Heart...I'm a NOOB at nail I went cheap...LOL

    <33 Rena

  4. I'm a follower!

    My favorite nail polish atm is Essies Lapis of luxury.

    - also check out my giveaway.

  5. I'm a follower!
    email: yumethy89 (at) hotmail (dot) com

    My favorite nail polish is Sally hansen for right now! i haven't tried China glaze yet. They look pretty too.

  6. I'm just like you, I neglect my nails all the time. I absolutely hate fake acrylic/gel nails. I think they look *coughs* nevermind! I've tried using press on nails & Nailene happesn to be the first and only brand I tried. They were nice but I have TOE THUMBS like Megan Fox so I can only put 4 nails on & my thumb is always bare and uuuugly.
    When I do pamper my nails, I use Gum Drop by Revlon (really pretty lavender color). It smells delicious too!

  7. Already a follower under Joanne :) my email address is

    My nail polishes favourites always seem to rotate weekly, but I really adore ELF in Royal Purple at the moment :) such a classy colour!!

    Thanks for hosting such a lovely giveaway =)

  8. E-mail:
    I love the new pastel colours coming out, especially the chanel one :D

  9. My current favourite nail polish is OPI Whats with the Cattitude in the Shrek collection.

    Thanks for this giveaway :)

  10. my favorite nail polish is coral by elf (:

    my email is

    love your blog <3

  11. Hi, my current favorite polish is the Sally Hansen "Mellow Yellow." It's such a pretty and fun color to wear, especially since it's summertime! :)

    I'm a follower

  12. my favorite nail polish is china glaze for audrey.


  13. Hi, Love reading your blog :)

    My current fav nailpolish is OPI in pink a doodle. I love pastel nailpolishes! Thanks

  14. I'm a follower!
    My favorite nail polish is Caffeine Fix by Sephora by OPI

  15. I'm a follower
    My email:
    My address: 611euclid ave



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