Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Rock and Republic Cosmetics Haul & Swatches [PIC Heavy]

A few weeks ago I mentioned that there was a Rock and Republic Beauty sale on Hautelook. My order finally came! Ordering from sample sale sites always take a little longer to receive your items, but they're always worth it! I ordered nine contrived blushes and two lipglosses. Sadly, I didn't realize that I accidentally ordered two of the same blushes and didn't order the one I really wanted =(. 

The outer cardboard packaging is really nice. You can tell this stuff is high quality just by it's shell! A lot of people complain that the packaging is excessive, but since I'm a sucka for packaging, I think it's gorgeousssss. The blushes come in their own individual "hat boxes". The blushes were all 20 dollars each (50% off from the original $40), and the lipglosses were $13, also 50% off from $26. It was a great deal, and I couldn't pass it up!

Look how nice the package is! It's made out of a heavy, sturdy metal, and the desgin is so elegant and screams "high-end". There's .32 oz of product, which is a HUGE blush size.

Top row: All Nighter, Call Me, Foreplay, Kinky
Bottom row: Lust, Spank, Tease, X-Rated

I know, I know. The names are so provocative. I think the names are cute ;). It makes them extra special. I'm really sad I missed out on the shade Bedroom. The one I ordered two of is Lust.

All Nighter

Call Me







 All Nighter, Call Me, Foreplay, Kinky

I really hoped that my camera would pick up the colors better, but please take my word for it, these blushes are SO pigmented.
All Nighter is a shimmery reddish coral (think Nar's Taos). Call Me, probably the most famous blush from R&R is a pinky-peach with gold shimmer, and is often compared to NAR's Orgasm. Foreplay is a peach, and it's matte. Kinky is a super bright, angel, cool pink, much like Desire from Nars. It's also a matte color and looks hot pink in the pan.

Lust, Spank, Tease, X-rated

Lust is a coppery peach with gold sparkles. Spank is a matte cool pink. Tease is a matte mauve-pink and looks slightly like a dusty plum/pink. It's comparable to NAR's Mata Hari. X-rated is a bright matte fuschia.

A lot of these colors may look super scary on the pan, but as you can see, they swatch quite nicely. You have to remember to use a light hand with these to get a nice light flush, and not heavy crayon marks. I use a highlighting duo-fibre brush. The first time I tried out Lust, I used a normal blush brush and dipped it in the pan like I would with any other blush. BIG mistake. I slapped it on my cheeks and I looked pure CRAZY. So PLEASE, go easy and light-handed with these. I'm very impressed with the quality of these blushes, and need I mention again how beautiful the packaging is? Definitely a blush I want to be seen with =),

On to the lipglosses...

Muse and Preppy Punk

Preppy Punk is a clear pink with iridescent sparkles. Muse is a peachy color. Sadly, both colors appear as a clear gloss on my lips. These aren't pigmented and only give my lips shine. I was really disappointed, because I was hoping that Muse would give my lips a peachy shade. After trying out both colors, I can safely say that you're better buying a regular, clear lipgloss. The formula is just ok, a bit sticky and normal wear time. I'm only continuing to use these because the packaging is kind of interested. I've heard them described as "test tubes", but honestly, the first thing I thought of were tampons.... But I can totally see the pure test tube resemblance.

Even though the sale is over on Hautelook, you can still get all of Rock and Republic's makeup for 50% off on their site HERE. All you have to do is enter the code ROCKCOSMETICS at checkout. They only have one blush shade left, but they have all shades of lipglosses, as well as a good variety of other products. I'm going to buy their pressed powder. ALSO, shipping is only 99 cents! Talk about a great deal.

EDIT: They just restocked on blushes!

Did you guys haul any R&R? Are you planning on it? 


  1. I want Call Me, Spank & X-Rated so badly! I didn't know about the coupon code, I'm probably going to order these finally now, thanks! :)

  2. i missed the sale! love your haul.

  3. how do you like Tease and Spank? are they wearable, nice angelic pink shades?

  4. Tease looks gorgeous! Love your haul.

  5. @Tara: you can still snag some from the r&r site =)

    @nHu: I love them. =). they're amont the most wearable. spank is more "angelic", because its a pinkier color, whereas tease is purplish

  6. WOW. I'm seriously drooling over your blush collection. I've only got one R&R blush, which is Kinky. And I loveedd it. I totally avoided hautelook like the plague when they had their R&R sale last time. Good deal, but totally bad for my wallet. :(

  7. have you tried their pressed powders? do you like them?

  8. You are so lucky! I wanted to order Call Me but they sold out and then said they wouldn't restock it so it seems I'll never be able to have that shade =(. I was looking forward to it since NARS Orgasm isn't pigmented enough for me.

    PS: Hey Ava! I actually have the Pressed Powder and it's divine. I have dry skin so there aren't many powder that won't settle in my fine line, but the R&R powder is so silky and amazing. I think I might even like it more than the blush (quality wise).

  9. oOoh this post is torture!!! >.< we don't have R&R in australia - and hautelook doesn't ship to australia either (boo!). thanks for sharing xo
    p.s. and keeping me entertained at work today. it's been so slow. but your blog has put some color in my day =)



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