Wednesday, July 7, 2010

MAC In The Groove: The Legendary Stereo Rose MSF

Yeah, that;s right. I got my grubby hands alllll over this baby =). It's sold out now but I was lucky enough to snag one yesterday pre-ordered. MAC's Stereo Rose Mineralize Skinfinish ($28) is the most coveted piece of the In The Groove collection due to it's absence since 2005. At first, I couldn't understand the hype, judging from the photos, the color seemed too deep and rosy. Stereo Rose (cute name right?) is a deep rose with bronze/gold veining. I tend to stay away from roses because I'm a devout peach lover.

When I picked it up at Nordstrom, it was still looking rusty.

But then, I swatched, and lo and behold, I understood. The rose color is a lot deeper in the pan than when swatches. When I actually lifted color, I found a pretty rose with a gorgeous golden sheen. I was afraid it wouldn't be wearable, but it is honestly one of the most beautiful MSFs I've gotten a hold of. I think that It would best compliment tanner skin tones, but with the right gentle hand, can look great on any skin tone.

I totally understand the obsession over this MSF now. Don't be fooled by its looks in the pan, it'll create a lovely flush and sheen on the cheeks. My favorite thing about MSFs is that they're multi-taskers. They can either be bronzers or blushes, but they also cover the base of a highlighter. Hopefully they restock so you ladies can see what I'm talking about =)!

*I so badly want the By Candelight MSF from this collection also, but I think I'd be too bitter to buy it knowing I saw it at the CCO a few weeks ago. Regretting not picking it up then, because it's completely out at the CCO now.... 

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