Saturday, July 17, 2010

Random Blabbering: Laura Mercier 25% Off and Pretty Little Liars

Thanks to Oprah, and her "O List", tomorrow is offering 25% off all purchases with the coupon code "Oprah". It's only valid tomorrow. Oprah always has great coupon codes for online use =). I'm planning on getting the tinted moisturizer. I own the oil-free one but I also love the regular formula. After the discount, it's $32 instead of $42!

*EDIT: A lovely follower has informed me that the code is only for tinted moisturizers! Thanks! And not thanks to you Oprah, for confusing me.. 

I just wanted to give you ladies a heads up since I'm sure not a lot of us actually read Oprah's magazine...

Also, I NEED to comment on the new ABC show "Pretty Little Liars". Have you guys seen it? I've followed it since DAY ONE. Pretty Little Liars is based on a book series apparently... When I first saw commercials for it, I was thinking: LAME. It reminded me too much of teeny-bopper-esque shows, however, I was pleasantly surprised to find it was a lot darker, and that the acting/storyline wasn't cheesy or horrible (AHEM to The Secret Life of an American Teenager). Doesn't the main character look like a whiter version of Selena Gomez? Anyways, If you watch it, what did you think of the newest episode? I actually just watched it on Hulu. Although the episode ended on a bad note with a bit of bad acting on "Emily's" part, I wanna know what's freakin' going on!!! (BTW, I highly doubt Toby's a killer, the girls are so off)

Have a good weekend everyone!


  1. SLAT is one of the WORST shows ABC has ever produced. I don't know why it's so popular!
    All my friends & I watch Pretty Little Liars even though we agree that it's horrible show (book series too) but it's a guilty pleasure!
    Wasn't a fan of this weeks episode but I watched the previews for next week... I'm excited.
    Too bad I ruined it for myself since I read the spoilers on the ABC Family website. Now I know the whole story & it's lost its suspense.

  2. Thanks for the coupon code! I think it's only for the tinted moisturizers though. I'm going to buy one for my mom and one for myself.



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