Saturday, June 5, 2010

Essence Cometics: 2 New Collections! Vampires on Holiday

I've blogged about the German brand before. Essence just became available in the U.S. this year when it launched to ULTA. Their premise is super-cheap-whilst-still-cute products. I've become a bit bored with them because I see the same old tired products at ULTA. Recently, I heard about two new collections, both available come July. Question is: Will it come to ULTA or is it a German exclusive?

The two collections are "Twilight" and "Return to Paradise". Yeah, that's right. They're making a Twilight collection.If you guys are aware, there's already been makeup made (, which comes in the lines Luna or Volturi. Nordstrom also makes team Edward or team Jacob palettes (lame, I know).
Heres a disclaimer: I am NOT a Twilight fan. I just never understood the appeal. However, I AM a make-up fan =).


It's a little boring to me. It's a cute idea to have the eyeshadows shaded like a moon, but the colors are a but ho-hum.Not pictured are two more nail poilish shades, two more lip glosses, and a glitter eye pencil. I MIGHT want to get the shimmer powder pictured =)

The more exciting collection for me is Return to Paradise:

How cute is that? The colors are really pretty, and I HEART baked eyeshadows. Other products that aren't shown: another baked shadow trio, another liner, and another lipgloss. I really like the shimmer powder, because it reminds me a lot of Benefit's powder packaging =). I REALLY like cute and neat boxes.

I'm really crossing my fingers that these get released at ULTA beside the regular line!

What do you guys think? Tempting? Or pass?

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