Sunday, June 20, 2010

Bevery Hills, That's Where (My Brows) Wanna Be!

Happy Father's Day everyone! Hope you're having a good one =).

Anastasia has long been the queen of all brows. She's popular for her gels, her powders, her overall allure. I picked up the Anastasia Beverly Hills Highlighting Brow Kit ($32). Right now, Sephora has it online for $20... for some odd reason that makes me bitter. Due to the now reduced Sephora price, it's a great time to pick this baby up.

The Highlighting Brow Kit comes with:

- 0.07 oz Baked Highlighting Powder
- 0.07 oz Baked Brow Powder
- Clear Brow Gel sample

It all comes packaged in a cute cardboard box with magnetic enclosure. On the left is the baked brow powder trio. No matter what color you need for your brows, you can find it here. Either mix and match and blend, or use them individually. On the right is the gorgeous highlighting powder trio. It's ultra shimmery and is great under the brows (I also use them on the inner corners of my eyes). 


Brow powders

Highlighting trios 

You don't have to worry about pigmentation with this baby, she's got all the bases covered. I just recently tried this out, since I've been addicted to Laura Mercier's brow gel, and I must say this product is the shizz.

Have you ladies ever tried Anastasia's products? What'd you think?


  1. Thanks for the review! I'm glad that I got this for $20.00 instead of the original price! I thinks it's worth the 20 dollars! It's true, you do only need those colors! Very versatile!

  2. Thanks for the review!the package looks adorable!!Hugs

  3. great review and swatches! i love the packaging. its too cute



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