Friday, June 4, 2010

Nars Goldmember: Austin Powers Need Not Apply

I love all things gold. I mean, they're sparkly and look good on nearly every darn skin color. I was really psyched to pick up NARS' Cream Blush in Goldmember ($26). First of all, NARS is one of my favorite brands. Second, HELLO it's gold.

Although it's classified as a blush, like Albatross, it's actually a highlighter. I have no idea why the swatch on Sephora is yellow. If I was purchasing judging from online swatches, I'd stay far away. In the pan however, it sings a different song. It's a really pretty true shimmery gold.

Looks like a pretty good swatch right? FALSE. You guys do not know how heavily I had the swatch this thing. It just doesn't show up well. I tried to use it on my face, and it wasn't very noticeable. I think you'd need fairer skin for the color to show up. The results were average, you did get a slight sheen but nothing worth $26. Another concern was wear time. I just don't think it lasts very long. I probably should have reached for one of the true cream blushes, but I'm such a sucker for the 24K. Eh, I'm gonna try giving it another go since I shelled out the money for it.

What's your favorite highlighter?

Side note: Whew. I'm so exhausted. I spent all day yesterday and today writing three essays. I'm on campus and I'm dying. I'm glad its finally the weekend, but finals are next week and I'm majorly stressin'. I'm trying to get in some blogging on my down-time, but it's been pretty hectic with some personal issues I'm dealing with. Weren't things easier when all we worried about were naps and applesauce?


  1. awww.. it would've been a great eye shadow color if it was just that natrually pigmented.. xD

  2. i have to use nars gold member lightly on my skin because it's quite golden on me. i don't think it swatches lightly in my experience but i do think the sheen is lovely, and it also looks good with a blusher over it too xD.

  3. @ viivkietoria: hmmm didn't consider using it as an e/s base. maybe I'll try!

    @Linda: yay! I'm glad to hear it worked for you =) It must be me =(



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