Monday, April 5, 2010

Maybelline EyeStudio Quads(Post 3/3)

Continued from previous post...

Whew. Finally on my third and final installment of the Maybelline EyeStudio quads.
This post will include: Irresistibly Ivy, Mad for Mauve, Pink Persuasion, and Green With Envy

How freakin amazing does that look?! The third color is more green-toned in the palette, but when swatched it's a lovely aqua. I'm also digging that gold (golds are my weakness).

My favorite is the mossy green. I probably won't use the colors in this quad together, but they'll be great seperately.

This is one of the quads I was unsure about buying, but I did anyways because, well, I was buying all of them so I might as well. It's not really anything different. I'm sure we've all see the pink/black before. This black color is also included in I think two other Maybelline EyeStudio quads.

I'm gonna start off first with apologizing about the crappy quality. I rushed to take this early this morning in bad lighting because my sister was asleep. I took this one last because I didn't want to open the package because I was a bit peeved that it was sealed BUT was missing an applicator! I know I don't use the darn things, but I gave up on calling in to complain. ANYWAYS, the colors are much better IRL, I promise. 

Overall, I can safely say I'm a huge fan of these quads. Even though they each included a highlighting white color that's 2X the size of the other shadows (highlighting colors are the least used....), and the fact that they include gratuitous amounts of glitter, the pigmentation and soft texture of the shadows make up for its faults. I also find that they are pretty easy to blend. I say you should go out and try one to see if it works for you, because I highly recommend them. =)

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  1. Those quads look gorgeous!!!I must have them!!!!Thanks for sharring!!!!



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