Thursday, April 1, 2010

Maybelline EyeStudio Quads(Post 1/3)

I'm a total hoarder. If I find a product I like, I feel the compulsion to buy every color it's made in. I fell in love with the new Maybelline EyeStudio Quads, so naturally I bought all 12 of them. I have to split up the posts over a few days because it's a bit much to fit into one. I'm also only doing fingertip swatches because I'm not about to sit around and swatch 48 different colors up and down my arm... Also, my fingers aren't actually sausage-shaped, they photograph weird. I SWEAR!

The shadows as a whole are all soft and VERY pigmented. (also very sparkly... but I'll get past that)

I haven't actually tried out all the quads, I think I've worn about three of them. So I'll review those first.
Quads in this post are: Taupe Temptress, Copper Chic, Give Me Gold, and Sunset Seduction. 

Taupe Temptress is my favorite. I especially like the third color, its such a pretty taupe!

The colors in Copper Chic are really nice, however I really don't like wearing this on my lids. The colors blended together make my eyes look TOO coppery (If that makes sense), so I'll probably use the colors seperately.

Give Me Gold is simply gorgeous. I love wearing golds on my lids so this is perfect. You do have to be careful when blending though, because you can lose a lot of the color.

 I haven't worn this yet but I already love the swatches. This seems like a very wearable everyday look. Really pale and casual. I have no idea why it's called sunset seduction. What sunset was this person looking at? Fail.

To be continued...


  1. ahhhhh i stil needa get my hands on one of those!!!!! when i went to rite aid, i didnt think about getting them! now im kick myself for it! :(

  2. I didn't know these were avaliable in the US until recently. I saw them when I lived in Japan last year, but I never got around to trying them. Does it have a lot of fallout? The colors look really pretty :)

  3. @lisaa__: walgreens has them 40% off this week!

    @Robin: These are relatively new here =) They call it something different in Japan huh? I remember it having a weird name. The palettes dont really have any fallout. The only concern is the glitter spreading, but it's ok because it doesnt get all over your face

  4. Thanks for sharring it!!Love the colors!!!!

  5. sooo many! i just recieved 2 of them in a blog swap and cant wait to try them ^^ cant wait for the other swatches :) thank you :)



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