Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Getting Greedy with Wet n Wild

First of all, Did you guys notice how adorable the names are by following suit with the 7 deadly sins? In that case, how was I only able to find FOUR quads at the store! I wanted all SEVEN! My. my, am I sounding greedy? *Blush*. It's this palette I tell ya.

I for one, think the colors in this Wet n Wild Color Icon Greed ($5) set should be green. Greed. It just makes sense. Maybe I'll write a letter.

Greed: Mattes and Shimmers

Greed has: a cream tan highlight, a perwinkle, two peach-pinks, and two blacks. 
The matte peachy color is BAM IN YO FACE. Look at it. It seems that I just painted my arm. Again, the blacks are SUPER pigmented. I don't see myself wearing this quad much, but It's ok. It'll keep my other Wet n Wild palettes company.

1 comment:

  1. I was so, so, so disappointed in the lavender and peach shimmer shades. They barely show up at all ;[ but I love that these palettes are so sturdy. I've dropped mine twice and all the shadows are intact without so much of a loose chunk ^^



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