Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It's Not Love, It's Lust (From Wet n Wild That Is)

This palette makes me feel like a princess ;) . Wet n Wild, you're spoiling me with your sexy royal colors! The Wet n Wild Color Icon Lust palette ($5) is filled with cream, purples, a silver, and a black.

Do you guys see that color right there? That blackish-purplish shimmery color? I'm thinking Mac's Beauty Marked Dupe. Am I right? Am I right? Who's with me?

Lust: Mattes and Shimmers

Wowza. The pigmentation on their darker colors are ah-may-zing. This palette (not QUAD) consists of deeper purples/greys which are so deep and pack a lot of color. The violet is a really gorgeous plummy-violet. But my favorite color out of this set probably has to be that "Beauty-Marked dupe". The highlights are really stark-whitish though, so you have to be careful or else you'll look like you rubbed chalk all over your lids. That's right. Chalk. We aren't five anymore girls, and our faces aren't sidewalks. So, let's take it easy with the Wet n Wild highlights. That aside, me being a more neutral person, has to bump this set from a lust to an I-like-like-you. Other than my own personal taste, I'm sure you guys will like it =). 

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