Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Be a Savage Beauty!

Victoria's Secret Limited Edition Spring 2010 Makeup collection has just been released. I'm super excited because I love Victoria's Secret makeup! The packaging is usually pretty sleek and cute. (Again, I'm a sucker for good packaging). I'm not so sure about their slogan for the collection, I would want to be anything but SAVAGE. Ugh. Savages AKA flesh-eating barbarians. That's what I think of it.

The collection includes two mineral eyeshadow palettes ($15 each), a luminous cheek and face highlighter ($14), a mineral bronzing powder ($14), and two lip glosses ($10 each).


 Yes that's right, you can get the above lipglosses for $5 instead of $10 if you buy something else from the collection!

I'm probably going to end up getting an eyeshadow and the bronzer. I LOVE MY BRONZERS ;).

What do you guys think?


  1. I like the packaging!!!Wish he had them here!!!

  2. @lovelyviolet5: Thats the problem with all these US companies =(



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