Sunday, December 5, 2010

A lot of Random Babble (& an OOTD).

Hi guys! It surprises me whenever I see my last post updates. I always feel like it's only been days since I've last posted, but I guess not =(. I've been getting ready for the end of the term, and finals is next week, so THAT'S always fun. I figured it's high time my blog got some extra loving. The weather's finally picking up again. By picking up, I mean the rain has receded for a bit. It was actually sunny the past few days! The temperature's also feeling a little warmer. It's low 40's now instead of a period of high 20's we had a few weeks ago. We had snow before Thanksgiving! The bad part is it looks like it might not drop low enough to get some snow in time for a white Christmas.

Enough about the weather! (Even though I guess it's semi-relevant to this post since I've been layering like no tomorrow).

Talk about a dirty mirror (and a dirty room at that). Well this is embarrassing.

Modal top from Victoria's Secret
Perplum knit blazer from Urban Outfitters
Pacsun jeans
Wet Seal boots
Bag from (Alexa Mulberry replica)
Fox tail keychain from H&M

Black coat from H&M
Scarf from Nordstrom

I feel like everyone and their mom has this blazer, well at least in the petite bloggers community. It's knit so it's a really easy fit. The coat is a great fit too. It's so hard for me to find coats that fit my narrow shoulders and small frame. I'm only 5'2! To contrast the fitted jacket, I decided to play on different shapes with a loose baby doll modal top and cinched my waist with a skinny belt. Of course I'd also have to wear somewhat corresponding boots. Everyone has those Target boots (Steve Madden lookalike) boots from last year, but I couldn't get my hands on them so I snatched up an el cheapo pair from Wet Seal. Faults: They make sounds like I'm wearing heels, even though they're not heels. As for the bag, I've been searching high and low for a cheap version of the Alexa Mulberry (Remember when I got a blue one from Forever21? Well I wore it once, my sister borrowed it, then never gave it back). I think I got the bag for about $17 shipped which is an amazing deal. I kind of "weirded-it" up by adding the fox tail. Didn't you hear they're in though? I do get some strange inquiries on it though (As in: What is THAT?)

This season has made me feel very ho hum. I can't put outfits together and I'm always in a rush! Boring much?

I hope you ladies are all doing well! And good luck on finals if it's that time for you!


  1. wow I love your outfit :) It looks so nice on you!


  2. Haha I don't think that fox tail is weird at all!!! I think I've seen pictures of japanese girls putting those on their pants even!

    You look gorgeous in your outfit!! I'm gonna go check out that blazer, I wonder if they still sell it!!

  3. I really like the whole look :^)

  4. Your outfit are so well put together! I like your Perplum knit blazer from Urban Outfitters.

  5. I love the outfit & especially the bag.

  6. love love your outfit!! even better that you're a bargain shopper!! :D

  7. the bag is gorgeous! and the whole outfit in general.

  8. You and your outfits are so adorable! I tend to wear boots with my most of my outfits now, too! However, my fav ones make sounds like heels also..ugh*
    As for the fur tail, YES, it IS in! 8)

    <33 Rena

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  10. you guys are all too kind >///<

    @Edwina. Sadly I dont think they carry it anymore =( I got it on sale about two months ago.

    @lisasaurL: I'm a sucker for bargains! Poor college students can't afford expensive clothes! LOL

  11. please do more OOTD post! more fashion related posts please =)



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