Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas! Am I late?

I really wanted to post yesterday but I was so busy, but I hoped everyone had a lovely Christmas!
In case you haven't noticed, my blog is COMPLETELY different. I mentioned that the pink was tiring on my eyes, and I was just NOT happy ( *     3     * ).... I just sort of threw this together for now, I made the banner in about 5 minutes, but when I have time, I'll make something better. ohoho. I really just needed something simple that didn't make me want to throw up. If you liked the old layout better... I am so sorry...

These are photos I took, of myself, in the car, on Christmas... It wasn't even bright outside and I look washed out. Excuse: I took it with my camera phone.

It really didn't feel like Christmas this year. I was somewhat disappointed... Oh well, at least it will be snowing this week! 

Here was my family's Christmas tree. You see how it's lopsided and just... strange looking? Well, it's a funny story. It's supposed to be a 7 foot tree (synthetic), and my dad threw away two parts. So we had to improvise! We took a mini tree and put it on the 1/3 we had left of the other tree! Strange that it kind of worked... that's also why there's different colored lights on top ( >       w       < ).

Also, here are my Christmas nails! Hmmm, they're very uninteresting in photos, BUT I assure you, they look a lot better in real life because of the pretty sparkles. I used FIVE different nail polishes to do this look, all by China Glaze. I'm sure you're not interested in which ones so I won't bore you with names.

This is my "Christmas" outfit:
Every single piece down to my feet is Forever21. Yes, that is in fact a cape I am wearing. The red purse is from Kohls, and I'm sure you guys remember my fox tail form H&M. I finally figured out a way to post up pictures of my outfits without showing off my mirror. Cropping. Yes. It seems so simple now. (By the way, it's really not, look at all those edges I was too lazy to fix).

ANDDDD this is my last picture for the day, I wanted to show you guys my sister's cool mirror. I like to do my hair in her room. Hohoho :D.

So a bit about this blog... I've been trying my hardest to be more consistent on this blog. I also want to let you guys know what's going on with my blog. As of recently, it's been mainly a beauty/cosmetic blog, however, I've been slowly trying to make the transition to do a lot more fashion. Here's a fact you most likely do not know, A Haute Passion started out as a purely fashion blog. That's right. Before the makeup was launched, I cleared this blog of all my fashion posts, restarting with an entirely different view. So, this blog will function a bit differently as well the formatting and overall appeal of the posts. Of course, I still love makeup and will continue to do reviews and such. This afterall, IS a beauty blog. I have been recently been reevaluating just how much of it I have, and will do a blog sale in the near future. I've realized that while I love makeup, I can still run a beauty blog without hoarding, ya know what I means? I hope you guys will stick around with my new transitions!

I think I'm just about tuckered out now. I had work today and I have work in the morning too. I have the photos taken for my "Holiday" giveaway, so look forward to that soon!

Hope everyone has a good night! And I'd love to hear about your Christmas! Get any cool presents? Any makeup?? ( n ______ n) 


  1. Merry (Belated) Christmas & Happy Holidays!
    The new blog layout looks good. It's the kind that I want (simple & white) but I settled for a Blogger template after failing at using free layouts elsewhere. I am just no good at Photoshop & HTML stuff.
    Good luck with your blog stuff! I need to do a lot of re-evaluating as well. I also need a decent camera to take better blog photos. I promise to do better in 2011!

  2. I kept forgetting it was Christmas this year and it just didn't feel really Holiday-ish in general. Hopefully next year will be better for the both of us :)

    The cape looks super cute on you! I seriously need to start trying more adventurous things with my wardrobe.... Right now it consists of gray, cream, and just about every other neutral color there is. Looking forward to seeing more fashion posts from you :D I get what you mean about the hoarding. When I have no inspiration to do new posts I think of posting a haul and I feel like I should buy more so that I can show readers....

  3. Your so pretty. Love the outfit :)

  4. i think that the older you are, the less excited you are for christmas - well that seems to be true in my case! hope you had a good christmas nonetheless ^^

  5. I really like the way you style your bangs! I can't for the life of me get them to stay in one spot.

    Congrats on being able to find any in Forever 21, as much as I love the store, everything is all over the place. They should call up Ikea and have some organization madness. :)

    P.S. Blogger doesn't recognize my OpenID URL, have you considered adding another publishing profile that allows a visitor to leave their name/email/site?

  6. Very gorgeous! What contacts are you wearing? Thanks!

  7. cute nails :) looks like you guys got tons of presents!

    Check out my blog :)

  8. Hi! I love your blog so much and wanted to show my appreciation for your posts! I've awarded you with the Versatile Blogger Award. :)

    Have a wonderful day and keep blogging! Find out more details on your win here, so click please:



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