Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Eve! (Some Early Christmas presents!)

I can't believe it's Christmas Eve! And I can't believe it's raining... =(
I wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas as well as share some early presents (most of which I bought for MYSELF yesterday.... I can't help it!). So this is a bit of a haulage post to share some buys I bought while "Christmas Shopping".

First are a few clothing pieces I got for myself. I like to buy a lot of plain pieces that are versatile. You can never have too many plain tees, so I bought two simple burnout material tees from PacSun, one gray and one white. I wish I could devise a better way to take photos of clothes...

I also got this plain tan skirt from Forever21. It was so cheap! I'm planning on wearing it as part of my Christmas dinner outfit with a red top.

My favorite clothing piece is probably this nautical-esque top from H&M. This was also a great bargain. It's not so interesting laid out like that, but is really cute on tucked into a skirt!

Also at H&M, I found the popular fur shawl! I was wondering if these came in multiple colors? I've read various blogs and the colors of other bloggers look a bit different. Anyways, I was lucky that my H&M finally stocked these.

I was debating if I really needed it since I already have two fur shawls. The two in the back are from Foreign Exchange, and the H&M one is in the front. I think I've decided to keep it because it's made nicer than the other ones. The fur is softer and the material is thicker. It also lays across my shoulders better than the other two.

Next, I went to Nordstrom Rack and bought two pairs of shoes. I really like the look of the chestnut colored sherpa booties over skinny jeans. They're also very comfy =). The black flats are by Steve Madden and I'm still debating whether I should keep them. I've been wanting a plain pair of studded flats for awhile, and they were pretty cheap.

Lastly, I bought two new fragrances. I got the Pink Sugar set from Sephora and the Live Pink fragrance from Victoria's Secret. The Pink Sugar one is VERY sweet. I bought the VS one simply because of the cute packaging... Other than that, I will most likely stick with my Viva La Juicy perfume.

On to early presents!
I received my present from my coworker and one of my best friends early.

My friend Carina got me really cute presents! She got me a very sweet teacup from Anthropologie with tea, sugar, and biscotti. I love biscotti! I don't like Earl Grey tea, but I'll try it anyways. She also bought me a notebook from Anthopologie. I'll be using it for class notes =). I was also very surprised to find a Givency eyeshadow palette in it! It's very small but very expensive. I'm scared to use it and ruin it! Lol (*-*)

One of my coworkers also got me a very nice present. I recieved a Hickory Farms Sausage and Cheese set (don't laugh! I LOVE this stuff, I could eat it all day). He also gave me a mug with a bunch of goodies and candy inside. The cutest part of the gift were the handmade glass ornaments (he didn't make them though). I've put them on my tree already.

Have you guys ever gone Christmas shopping for others only to end up with things for yourself?? 

*I've been despising the look of my blog. New layout coming soon! 


  1. All the time. lol
    I went shopping for presents for my mother and sister in-law and I ended up buying a ton of stuff for me. Haha.
    Those flats are very cute, btw. You should def. keep them. :)
    Happy holidays!
    - Liz

  2. i love your presents! merry belated christmas!

  3. Ooh! I have those studded flats in olive! :)



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