Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sally Hansen Your Skin Foundation & a tool to find your shade

Probably one of my biggest makeup obsessions are foundations. Even if I find ones I like, I'm constantly buying more because I have this tendency to try more. Even If I find a great foundation, I still buy more. A few months ago I picked up Sally Hansen's Your Skin foundation. It's gotten a lot of rave from the beauty community but as soon as I heard about it, there was news that it was being yanked out of the market. People found it on clearance at Ulta, so I rushed over but only dark colors were left. I searched and found it on places like but passed on paying the $13-15 with shipping, especially since I couldn't see the shades in person. Luckily they recently introduced in into my local Rite Aid. Looks like it's not being discontinued at all. The other problem was finding a shade match. In the states, you'd be hard pressed to find drugstore tester bottles. The frosted glass packaging made it even harder to find a match.

So I did what I always do, I refer to Temptalia's foundation matrix. Temptalia's blog has this really cool feature where readers contribute to a large table so others can find their foundation shade. They categorize the chart using MAC NC/NW as universal indicators, and then they list foundation shades that they use that correspond to that, The first page gives you the option to pick your skin tone (Pink-Cool, Yellow-Warm), as well as your shade.

 You can then scroll down the list to find the foundation you want on the left side and then find your MAC shade at the top to find the foundation for you. This is what the chart looks like when I scroll down:

I'm about an NC30 in the winter and NC35 (sometimes I'll even reach NC40) in the summer. So, I opted to buy Creamy Beige.

Creamy Beige is actually a perfect NC30 match (the first photo washed out the actual color), however, I'm still planning on buying Sandy Beige because Creamy Beige is still a tad light for me right now. I must say that I really like this foundation. It's medium coverage and looks very natural and flawless on my skin. It is a bit thick, so you have to make the extra effort to blend. It is rather creamy and smooth, which is a must for foundation. I've tried applying it several ways. I don't like the way it looks with my fingers, so I actually prefer to use either a stippling brush, or better yet, my ELF studio flat top powder brush, which makes it look its best. I end up with a nice almost-airbrushed look, but with a texture that still looks REAL.

Here are some reviews from

I'm very pleased with the outcome of this product, so I'll be buying the darker Sandy shade, as well as the airbrush foundation Sally Hansen and Carmindy have came out with.

Have you guys tried this foundation? What do you think about Temptalia's foundation matrix?


  1. Sally Hansen/Carmindy makeup is finally available in Canada but the prices are so ridiculous. I was able to try the SH Your Skin Foundation for $2 during the summer but none of the shades I tried matched my skintone. The coverage is great though!

  2. @Ashley: I'm so sorry it didn't match you! Shame, i really is a great foundation!



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