Monday, December 13, 2010

A Quick Look & Update (Cure your money troubles!)

Finals are over and I finally have a day off from work. My stress is residing and my nails are getting a break from anxious nail biting. JOKING. I don't bite my nails. It's unattractive and gross (tell that to my 8 year old self). My Christmas shopping is partly done, so I don't have to worry about that much either. What does this all mean? MORE BLOGGING! (Hopefully). Sadly, I didn't have time to do November favorites this month, but I have an upcoming post later this month about my favorite products of 2010.

 I just wanted to post a  quick look showcasing two items I've blogged about this earlier =). I'm wearing Eyeko's 3-in-1 cream as a highlight (as requested by a follower) and NARS' Essential Eye Palette.
Quite pointless as you can really see the eyeshadow, but I made an effort to sit in front of my window so you can see Eyeko's cream in action.

Other products I'm wearing: I don't remember. This is what I get for not posting things right away.

Another photo just for kicks.

Anywho, I wanted to ramble a little but about a website I've been loving. I've been suffering as a serious shop-a-holic for awhile. I'm talking about getting multiple boxes delivered to me just about every single day. It got to the point where the UPS guys knew me by name. November was an especially bad month. Those friends and family sales did not treat me kindly. However, I learned about this website (I may be a tad late) that would help me cure my shopping addiction (well at least control it)! It's called is basically a financial tool. You can link all of your bank accounts, credit cards, and loans into one place. YES. This is a safe and secure website. It's recommended by a lot of top companies (like Apple). By linking all of my accounts, I can monitor everything in once place. It evens gives you a net worth! You can also add assets such properties and cars. What I really like about the site is the budget feature. All of your transactions are put into categories (you can categorization yourself as well) and you can put budgets on them. Example: I put a limit of $100 for makeup/beauty this month (I've been pretty good so far, even passing up some great deals, which I NEVER do). It also texts you or emails you when you are nearing a budget. Another awesome feature is the "goals" feature. You can set goals for yourself, such as saving money for a vacation, and set how much you want to contribute a month. Right now, my goal is to pay off my credit card (YIKES).

This is what the homepage/dashboard looks like:

Photo taken from Google, this is not my account. 

This website has been helping me so much. Just looking at the budget freaks me out, so I've sustained from buying a lot! This month, I even set a budget just for Christmas gifts. Other budgets I use include fast food, shopping (clothing), restaurants, etc. This website is truly amazing, and it's helping me financially in so many ways. I highly suggest you try it out!  (Note: I didn't find out my credit score, because that costs money, so you can just skip that). 

Do you ladies have any financial-savvy tips for budgeting you'd like to share? Do you limit your cosmetic spending? 

Toodles for now! I hope to be back soon with another post!


  1. Very pretty


  2. ah, what a great post! some beauty, some financial haha :)

  3. been a silent reader ...and then..i just realized i never even followed your blog!! o_o ... *immediately clicks follow*
    lol :)
    anyway you look gorgeous in your pictures..! i should really dig out my eyeko cream too.. lol. been collecting dust

    btw check out my blog too :)


  4. btw are your eyes naturally that brown? o_o or are you wearing contacts??

  5. @pink.lambie: thanks for following =) and Im wearing brown contacts =D!



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