Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Fast Approaching Christmas

I've suffering from a huge case of blog guilt. I've been so inconsistent with posting =(

This winter break has been busy busy busy. Christmas is only FOUR days away! It's really hit me today, and I'm feeling very unprepared. I'm just not ready! I'm thinking I should postpone Christmas until next month.


I really need to switch into full gear and get all of my presents together and wrapped. Mental note: That's my goal for today. =( Laziness is kicking in.

This blog needs some more loving too. Thanks to all those who subscribed even though my posts have been scarce! I had some items ready for a Christmas/Holiday giveaway, but I didn't have time to take pictures and edit, and all that jazz. Would you guys mind if Christmas comes a bit late on my blog? I'm hoping to get the giveaway up and going soon, even though I wanted to announce the winter on Christmas. =/

Anywho, there's no sign of snow here or indications of a white Christmas, but I've learned to quit boo-hoo-ing about it.I can still dress like a fur trapper can't I?

This is actually an outfit from a few days ago, as I've decided to be a bum at home and "get things done". Scoff.
Me thinks I need to clean my mirror. >///<

Fur shawl: Foreignexchange.com
Olive anorak jacket: WetSeal
White off the shoulder tee: American Eagle
Black jeggings: Unknown =(
Suede over the knee boots: Colin Stuart (Victoria's Secret)
Black shoulder bag: Asos.com

Fur shawls are all the rage this season. Well, fur in general is. Everyone has the H&M version, but I couldn;t get my hands on one. Luckily, I found a site (foreignexchange.com) that sold them, AND they were 50% off at the time. Sadly, I couldn't find it on the site again. I ordered both colors, the tan/brown pictured, and a grey toned one. Although I love them, I find it very hard to keep them in place as I would like because the small clip underneath is relatively useless. I'll survive. I'm also wearing another cardigan but I figured I didn't need to mention it since you can't even see it.

I've been stuck in a bit of a rut with fashion this rainy, dull season. Neutrals, check. Boots, check. Dreary mood, check. I need to incorporate a bit of color in my life. It's hard when I dress to fit the mood and weather!

On another note, I've been having some hair (in)decisions. I'm planning on dying it lighter, but am caught between going to a hairdresser or doing my usual box color. I called Vanity Junkie to make an appointment for all over color today (my giftcard for $70 expires Christmas), but they're all booked up this week. So, that's a big waste of money. Oh well, I didn't like their overpriced and shoddy customer care anyways. I also have a strange fear of letting other people mess with my hair (hence the at-home box dyes). I'm thinking light brown or medium brown. Thoughts?

I'm really liking lovely Mila Kunis' hair here:

and this random girl's photo:

I'm afraid to go that light though, so I'm thinking those shades, just deeper.

Ok, seriously though, I'm going to be productive and wrap presents.

... or I'll just online shop.


  1. Cute shawl, lol. I don't think I can pull off any type of fur garment, though. :P

  2. Haha, the random girl is IU~ she's so cute :D

  3. Your outfit is cute :) I really like the fur accent! I have problems getting myself out of neutral outfits consisting of the same tanks, cardigans, and jeans every week >.<

    I think brown hair would look good on you :) From my own experience, after a few weeks/months dye usually turns lighter so you might be able to see how light brown hair looks.

    Hope we'll see more posts from you soon! ^^

  4. cute outfit! can't wait to see your new hair color =D



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