Wednesday, November 10, 2010

October Favorites

I feel like I own a lot of interesting products, but my favorites are always so boring =). But hey, I'm being practical and truthful. I COULD fill my favorites with exciting sexy products, but I'd just be lying to myself =(. October was an eh month. I did mostly brown smokey eyes the entire month because the weather's really dragging me down. Plus, I like to oversleep, therefore, I'm always rushing around. Here are the products that I used the most this last month!

Rock and Republic Trickery Luminizer: I use this to darken my foundations that are too light for me. It also gives a really nice dewy sheen. I have to be careful when using it though, because too much makes me a tad orange. It's a wonderful sheer texture that gives a lovely glow.
MAC Moon River mineralize blush: This is a baby pink blush with two sides. I use the pure pink side on the apples of my cheeks and the multi-colored side as a cheekbone highlight on top of the blush. You can also swirl the colors together but I like them separately. It is quite shimmery as are most of MAC's mineralize products. I'm a huge fan nonetheless.
Eyeko 3-in-1 cream: I just noticed that all my favorites are glowy/dewy products. I can't help it! I'm going to go ahead and reassure you ladies that I do not use Moon River in conjunction with this Eyeko product. I recently blogged about this, and it's actually my most used highlighter now. If I don't feel like wearing Moon River, I'll wear this highlighting cream with another blush. What can I say, I'm addicted to having a nice sheen to my cheeks.

Vaseline: Good ol' trusty Vaseline. I have the most sensitive dry lips. Most lip products make my lips peel, but I love lipsticks! So what do I do? I'm always on the search for a lip miracle. Everytime I do, my lips eventually become immune to it. So, I've gotten desperate and bought a jar of Vaseline. My friend swears by it. I carry this around in my purse and it seems to be doing the trick. Need I say, it was a god-send the first few days. And now it's alright. Still a good favorite. (Plus, it removes my eye makeup in a cinch, talk about a multi-tasker).
MAC Dirty greasepaint stick: Love this thing to pieces. I always always always wear this with MAC's eyeshadow in Tempting ever since I saw Rachel(Raeview)'s tutorial on it. It's a simple look. Throw Dirty on the lids, smudge Tempting into the crease and blend, and BAM, you're good to go. (ER, after eyeliner and mascara of course). It's a look I like to do when I feel like doing a slightly more dramatic day look without whipping out the black lids (which I'm also known to do).
Maybelline Chai Latte quad: This is everyone's favorite. I've had it for about a year now, and was head over heels in love when I first got it. Lately, I've been using the two matte brown shades for my everyday neutral looks. I put the lighter brown all over the lid, or sometimes to blend into the crease. The deeper brown is reserved for my lower lashlines or outer v's. Overall, one of the best drugstore eyeshadows I have (not including my beloved NYX).

At the beginning of this post, I mentioned I'm constantly in a rush in the mornings. Here's the path of destruction I leave on my vanity. The products are always changing. 

ERRR. >///<

Have a good day! And remember! Today's the last day to enter my giveaway for Rock & Republic's blush in Shameless!


  1. I regret not picking up Moon River when I had the chance. Oh well, lol.

  2. @wuguimei: I got mine at the CCO! =) I see it there every once in a while

  3. A great coincidence you featured Moon River cause Charlotte of Lipglossiping just found a very similar product for a lot less. Apparently it's popping up in CCO's too :D

    I love the stack of R&R products in your last photo. It's making me drool!

  4. haha i love your scene of destruction of your vanity - are those R&R blushes?! *Squeals*

    and may i ask how do you remove your makeup with Vaseline?? I haven't tried it before!

  5. @Jennifer: Yeah they are R&R Blushes =P. I have no where else to store them... =( so sadly, they are stacked up and unused

    I def. dont recommend using Vaseline as a reg. makeup remover. I only use it when I have really stubborn makeup/eyeliner =). You can kind of massage it in and wipe it away with a damp washcloth. It breaks down the chemicals. It works like TheBalm's remover. The annoying part is that it DOES stick to my lashes like crazy b/c the formulas thick. heres some info on it:

    just look up vaseline makeup remover. the first link is on makeupalley. theres commentation about it there. for some reason i cant link it =(

  6. Omg, the same thing happens to my vanity as well! I've been so busy that it gets all filled up and I have to force myself to put things away, haha :)

  7. omg i wish my vanity looked like that haha it looks like you have a variety of great products =) do you think you can do a post on pictures of your vanity and all your makeup? if possible ^^ thanks

  8. @ sarah: I was thinking about it since I've gotten a few request, but I don't want to come off as braggy or conceited. LOL. but probably in the near future =)



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