Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Cutest Princess Ever

My boyfriend's niece turned 1 last month. His sister threw an outrageous party for a 1 year old. I'm talking catering, decorators, and party planners. There was a bouncy house, a face painter, a caricature artist, and a raffle for ipod shuffles. A bit extreme for a 1 year old, in my opinion. Anyways, I wanted to share these super cute photos I took of 1 year old Naomi! She's cute, but oh my, she is the brattiest baby ever =). I'm talking whiny and fussy. She just loves attention, it's not her fault she's spoiled!

Princess Naomi: 

She loves cake...

And photo ops!

Are you checking out those arm rolls?

This is what I mean by fussy baby. See how polite those other girls are? MMM-HMMM.

Anywho. These photos were WAY to cute for me to keep to myself =).

Time for bed, H&M is having their grand opening tomorrow, and I need to get up bright and early! 


  1. yes i agree, a bit extreme for a one year, i would have saved everything until she's a bit older when she can actually remember the party.
    She's an adorable baby, so cute =)

  2. LOL It's so funny how big the cake is compared to her!!!!! :D

  3. omg she's the cutest thing ever!!! just want to squeeze her cheeks xo

  4. aww.. now i think i'm getting clucky. o dear.



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