Thursday, November 4, 2010

Get Your Glow On: Multi-Tasking with Eyeko

I've been wanting to try Eyeko's 3-in-1 cream ($14) for literally ages now. I never ordered it because the only place I saw it available was directly from Eyeko, which meant I needed to spend at least $55 to get free shipping. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw it offered from Asos (of which offers free shipping to the U.S.). First of all, there's the novelty of the cute little pink jar that reminds me of my mom's old face creams. Then, there's the fact that I friggin love highlighters. Cream, liquid, powder, I'll try them all.

Eyeko claims that it's a moisturizer, highlighter and eye cream all in one.I highly doubt that. I have no idea how you could use this as a moisturizer.It's incredibly shimmery. Eye cream? Also too shimmery for that. I'm going to stick with it as a highlighter.

Look how pretty and fluffy it is =). It's a golden highlighter, but Eyeko also released a limited edition version of this that is silvery for cool toned gals (they also have a tan version).

It may look white-ish but once spread on my cheekbones, it leaves a lovely golden sheen.
I really like highlighters because I feel like they give more dimension to my face. It's all about moderation though, you do NOT want to slather this all over your face. This jar will last me forever and a day because you only need a small amount at once.

I think I'm pretty set on highlighters for now. At this point, the only way I'll get through them is if I was head to toe shimmery everyday. No, I'm not going to use an "Edward Cullen" reference, that's so played out. Oh no, did that count as one?


  1. the packaging looks so cute!
    you should do a FOTD with this as highlighter, it looks lovely as a swatch!

  2. @ gyc: aha maybe . I realized with my camera, highlighter looks only show up in photos when i sit in direct sunlight. So the next time its sunny, ill try ;)

  3. I'd try it if it came in a smaller pot. I'm really curious but not enough. If one never finishes the pot before the expiration date (like me), it'd be such a waste of product :(



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