Thursday, November 4, 2010

NOTD: OPI Do You Lilac It? Why Yes, I Do.

Yes, this has been done before by many. Nothing to see here? I don't care! It took me ages to finally buy OPI's ever-so-popular Do You Lilac It, and I will flaunt it!

It came out a tad darker than I hav anticipated, but it hasn't failed me. I love lilac nail polishes =)! I picked this up along with two other polishes when Ulta was having their Buy 2 Get One Free Deal. I finally jumped on the bandwagon and I get the hype now.

Do you own it and adore it?


  1. ooh! this is a GORGEOUS color--
    I have been looking for a lilac color forever and I definitely might give this one a try--

    Do you own or have you seen the new NARS collection pale purple color? I have been looking for a dupe and this may be it!? What do you think..

  2. @Pearls&Politics: Are you referring to Pokerface? I don't own it personally, but from swatches I've seen, I think it's a lighter lilac. They do look similar, but Do You Lilac it seems to run a little deeper, while Pokerface is more pastel. AH I want it now...



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