Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Illamasqua's Absorb: The Epitomy of Concealer Lips.

I heart nude lips. For some reason, colored lipsticks and lipglosses just don't look as good on me. I was really excited when my Illamasqua Intense lip gloss in Absorb arrived on my doorstep. I checked Sephora and it doesn't seem to be on there anymore. Before purchasing, I scoured google looking for reviews and swatches, so far so good. Even though I'm not a huge fan of Illamaqua's lipglosses due to the poor packaging, I like their quality. Their "Intense" lipglosses are opaque and very pigmented.

So how did it fare when I actually tested it out?

Sad to say, I don't like! Sure, it looks good in the photographs, nice and nude. In real life however, it seriously looks like I took a pot of concealer and massacred my lips with it. It also felt really thick and heavy. The pigment sunk into my fine lines. Overall, horrendous. I'm sure this might work on other gals, but with my medium skin, the lip gloss was just too much of a contrast! I guess its named absorb for a reason, it absorbs all the pigments on the lips! I'm really disappointed because I was looking for a lipstick like gloss so I could skip wearing lipstick altogether. I feel like I'll try this again sometime, maybe a little sheerer and applied with a brush, because using their dinky little plastic squeeze tube gives some uneven application.

Sorry I didn't take pictures of it alone or swatches! It was a bit impromptu...

I hope you ladies have a nice day while I'm wallowing in the stormy weather that's in town! =(

EDIT: I just noticed I have some unintentional ombre hair. Good to know my laziness is now a trend.


  1. sorry to hear about the weather =/
    but that color looks soo gorge!! i think it would look really pretty with a medium toned pink lipstick and then the absorb gloss on top..from what im thinking =)

  2. ohh i was going to say it doesn't look like concealer lips but then I read it did in real life :( maybe you could put a pink lipstick under the gloss

  3. would you be willing to sell it?

  4. I think it looks actually quite pretty on you



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