Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bigger is Better: A Picture Story

Papa Bear, Momma Bear, Baby Bear, and the Thing that didn't get scared eating all their porridge.
Yes, I got the Urban Decay Primer Potion, Professional size.
I'm not sure if I even need this big honkin thing.
I heard that the tube breaks easily.
Here's wishing other wise. *Crosses fingers*

And that's my lazy post. 


  1. OMgsh! Have you used up any of those bottles? I have the mini and the XL and I'm nowhere near done with the XL.... I have a full size of Too Faced Shadow Insurance and ELF's Mineral Primer AND samples of Nar's primer and Benefit's Stay Don't Stray >.< && I thought I had a problem :P There is SO much product in the professional size.... Hope you use it up before it dries out! :D

  2. Holy cow!! That thing is enormous!! :]

  3. Wow that's A WHOLE LOTTA UDPP! haha I bought a regular size about 2 yrs ago, then I thought I ran out so I depotted it and ended up with a full jar of it... now i'm half done that jar and it's starting to be a bit dry :S But to be honest, I don't wear eye makeup everyday so that's why I don't use it as fast! Hehe I like how you put them all together to look like a family!! :D

  4. @AngelicBetrayel : I've actually gone through ONE regular size since last year. I actually had 2 regular size backups, as well as another XL one but I swapped them since I was getting the Professional size. My boyfriend always says "AGAIN?! You have a box full of those at home!" Whenever I buy more lol. I have other primers too. I just have a BIG problem. you also just reminded me to do the tag post you tagged me in ;)

    @ohyouprettythings: yeah i hope it doesnt dry up! =(!

    @Edwina: I just put the general sizes so you get the idea =). I'm not including the extras I have in the same size. EVERYTIME you buy something from UD they give you those mini bottles.... I wish I could be like you! But i love me some eye makeup ;)

  5. I'm not judging you, I'm pretty much the same!
    I bought the UDPP in Eden and a have a mini from the UD BoS III, an ultra mini sample from over a year ago.. and the TFSI and another TFSI coming in the mail with the Glamorland palette..
    I was actually going to order the UD in pro size to collect..
    I held back but once the 20% off code is available in Canada, I might just get it... someone stop me!



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