Thursday, September 30, 2010

My UD Book of Shadows III Finally Came!

Just a random post with some glamour shots of my new Book of Shadows =). (NOT a review- face it, there are like a million and one reviews/swatches for these all over the internet.)

Buy it HERE. The colors are gorgeous. I especially like Kush, which has different tones of green, and Rockstar, a deep purple. Now who knows if I'll even get around to using it... I still have my Alice in Wonderland BOS in it's package, untouched...


  1. Very very jealous! I still haven't found out when the BOS III will be sold in stores in Canada. I need one, ASAP.

    Also, did you notice your text go vertical against your photos?

  2. @Ashley: Vertical against my photos? =( they look fine on my computer. oh noooo....

  3. Enjoy your palette :D
    I decided to pass on this year's as I don't use my Vol II as much as I should :/ I didn't think I liked the colors in this one but after seeing more and more reviews, pictures, and swatches... I almost wanted to get it. But I'm going to get the Naked palette over this one ^^

  4. i'm totally drooling over this palette! somehow the colours in this appeal more to me than the Alice in Wonderland one :)

  5. lucky! I wanted Alice, but it sold out too quickly!

  6. @AngelicBetrayal: Yeah I dont use my BOS 2 very much either =(. Im kicking myself for not getting the naked palette! I passed it up because I figured Id wait for the f&f sale, and now its been sold out due to continual high demand!

    @Anita: I feel the same way! I like this volume sooo much better

    @wuiguimei: Dont worry! I think the colors from this bos is so much better... even though the names arent as cute =)

  7. The text went to normal, it's below your third picture! Blogger always messes up text & photo alignment or sometimes i's just fine.

  8. I'm praying they have the Naked palette in stock for Sephora's F&F sale :/ I got my BOSII during the F&F sale ^^

    If anything I think Urban Decay's F&F is 30% off and a little after Sephora's so there might be two chances to get it.... I hope....



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