Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Etude House Top 10 Tan BB Cream: Initial Thoughts

Uh Huh. I've been sucked into the BB cream phenomena. For those who don't know what BB Cream is, it's a really popular makeup/skin product in Asia. For those who already know allll about it, you can skip the next little part.

BB stands for blemish balm. Most BB creams are tinted, so are in a sense, a tinted moisturizers. The difference, however, between these and traditional foundations, are that they are supposed to be beneficial to the skin. Different BB creams claim to do different things. For the most part they are supposed to help acne, whiten, and improve the skin overall. Now when I first heard whitening, I said "HELL TO THE NO". I love being tan and will never go back. However, I learned that when they say "whitening" they mean the cream helps even out your skin tone, and NOT to bleach it, as I originally thought. I'm all for even skin tone. The more I read into BB creams and scrolled through reviews and recommendations, the more determined I was to try them ALL.

The great thing is that they are superrrr cheap on eBay, I think it was $12. I have a long list of ones I will be buying, but to start things off, I got the Etude House Top 10 V-line BB cream. Wooo, ain't that a mouthful. Doesn't the picture on the box look like cleavage? I wonder if that's what v-line means.... which has nothing to do with BB cream or my face. HAH.

I decided to first try this version because it's for tan shades. This is very rare for BB creams. Most BB creams come in fairly pale shades, about NC20 or so. I figured I'd take a shot with NOT looking like a ghost first. Etude's Top 10 Tan is actually supposed to make fair beauties appear tanner. Yeah, that's right. That's their lame gimmick. Anyone can look darker with a darker foundation. DUH. Anyways, it also has an SPF27. Which is great =).

First of all, my hand is not that pale. My camera does some crazy crap with lighting. The color of the BB cream itself is great. I'd say it'll match NC30-35ers. It's has yellow undertones, and nothing grey like I hear is common of many BB creams.

Slightly spread out

Almost fully blended

I tried to not blend it all the way so you can see the difference between the left and right side of my hand. The left side is untouched by the BB cream.When I wore this on my face, I didn't moisturize. Big problem. This really accentuates dry skin (Which is my skin type), so make sure you moisturize well. It still did look good on my skin though. I tried it again with lotion underneath and it looked great! The coverage is light-medium, which is enough coverage for me. I really like the way it looks and will definitely continue to use this. I haven't used it enough to say whether my skin has improved, but I will definitely update on that!

Do you ladies have any BB Creams you love? Share with this noob please =)!


  1. I'm currently using Missha's BB cream and I lovee it for more au natural days. The only problem I have is that it accentuates the flakes on my dry skin, but that can be fixed by a little spritz of Fix+!

  2. I just barely got the Skin79 BB cream, the hot pink packaging. Although it is a little gray when you first apply, it blends perfectly into your skin after 20-30 minute or so! I've only tried it on my hand, not my face yet.
    But the Etude house one looks good. I'm an NC30 myself and definitely does not wanna look like a ghost. Thanks for posting your amazing find :)

  3. and btw, which seller did you buy from? I can't find it anywhere :(

  4. I have the same question as Thao, which seller did you get it from?
    I'm happy that there's actually a BB Cream for the tanner people, that's the only reason why I haven't tried BB creams yet xD;

  5. chobit145,
    You can try Skin79 hot pink packaging. Surprisingly, it blended very well with my NC30 skin. Although it did scare me at first because I looked like a ghost the first 5 minutes. But afterwards, it was perfect. :)

    I still want to know which seller you bought the Tan bbcream from, Jenny! I'm curious and want to try it. =)

  6. @ Thao & chobit145: Sorry I took so long to respond girls! My seller was skinfood2you ( Sadly, I couldn't fine the top ten tanning under their info any more =(. My next review is actually for the skin79 hot pink packaging! I haven't been able to review it earlier because the color coming out was so pale I was scared to try it! lol

  7. lmfao I laughed so hard when you made that comment about the whole whitening thing being a turn off. I said the EXACT same thing in my head!

    omg hunni okay, you should try out the Missha perfect cover!! they used to only have two shades but they've recently released a third shade which is like TAN to the max. it oxidizes though, so like its a match to an NC 40 but later on i think the shade gets about three times darker? I mix mine with other bb creams. so yeah, if ur a darker shade I really recommend it!

    hope that helps! i've got a complete review of it on my blog :D

  8. pretty!!
    i'm gonna get that now (if i can find it)

    great blog

    i'm having a giveaway, if you have time drop by!!

  9. Another bb cream for those that want it darker is Missha's Perfect Cover No. 31. You can pick it up off of their website at It's perfect for those that are MAC NC35 and up. :)



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