Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Haul: My New Bag & a Few Other Goodies From F21!

YAYYY! I got a mini imitation of the coveted Alexa Mulberry bag =). It also looks like the Proenza Schouler P1. It's from Forever21 and is a steal for $30, compared to its counterpart that totals over $1000. I love it so much. I wish it was as big as the Alexa, but it's good for the price.The material itself is also very impressive. It's nice and sturdy. The nice thing is that it also fits my notebooks and such for class :).

I've been really into silky/flowy materials lately. They look great layered under a cardigan or a blazer. I'm imagining it with a pair of boots for the upcoming cooler season.

Knee high socks are definitely in this fall. I got a gray and cream pair since I already own a good amount of black ones. I'm not so sure why I bought the girly headband... we'll see if I find a way to wear it without looking like I'm 10.

Overall, a small haul, but I got really good staples for the season =)!


  1. It seems like everyone is coveting the Mulberry replica. I have it too! I don't agree that it's sturdy though. If my books are too heavy & thick (aka just one textbook), the bag sags forward but atleast the material isn't thin. I'm not afraid of ripping anytime soon.
    On another Mulberry note, I can't wait to see the Mulberry by Target collection!

  2. @Ashley: It's sturdy for me because my school "stuff" consists of one notebook =D lol. I don't carry a whole lot to school b/c I get away with not buying textbooks. I can't wait for the collection either! Its promptly noted in my planner =)

  3. I loooove this bag! I'm so buying it and I definitely want a pair of those knee high socks. I love the way they look peeking out of high boots.

  4. such a gorgeous bag! come follow and vote xo



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